Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It's just a rash

Today, in the middle of a crazy day at work, I got a heart stopping phone call.
Matt's teacher called me to ask me to come pick up Matthew.
"Don't worry, Matthew's okay," were her first words. That was reassuring, until she added, "But you should come and pick him up because he's not well, he has a rash and asked me to call you."
I pretty much got up, walked across to my co-worker and told her I had to go.
Thankfully she said "Go. I can turn off your computer, just go."
I took a breath, went to tell my boss who had the same reaction, and left. I think I was out of there in about 4 minutes. En route to the bus I bumped into another work friend who managed to tell me that Matt was fine.
I made it all the way to the daycare without freaking out.
It turned out that the rash was actually a really bad diaper rash. I know diaper rash is normal in kids, but this was brutal. Kayla, his teacher, said he was hysterical whenever she had to change him. They actually had to bring in an extra staff member to help change him. It was not fun.
But, then he had some spots on his face too. They thought it may have been chicken pox.
So, Mike, who also left work early, and I took Matt to the doctor.
The diaper rash was bad. We got a prescription. He should be okay.
The chicken pox.
Well ... those would be mosquito bites. Yep. Mosquito bites.
You never know.


The Girl Who Loves to Knit said...

I wondered where the heck you were!

Holy geeze that's terrifying.
My sister got diaper rash so badly legend has it they potty trained her at something like 11 months, or 12 months.(She was always talented) She couldn't even do the cloth diaper thing. At least you made it to two.

And isn't that the very first time you've been thankful for mosquito bites?? I knew they were useful for something.

Haley-O said...

Aww...I hope his rash gets better quickly. Poor little guy. Thank goodness it wasn't an allergy, too! Glad everything's okay. :)

Searaygal said...

Tell Matty that his Amy says to feel better soon! :)

Ginny said...

I dread those calls. They are exactly what you said...heart stopping. Oddly enough I had one today too. I got the 'hi Ginny, it's Elizabeth from the daycare' message. The heart stopped at Elizabeth. Thankfully it was just a call to talk about the subsidy but still.
You are lucky to have such wonderful co-workers who really understood!
And to be honest I would rather get a call about bad diaper rash than all over body rash!!
BTW - is this the first daycare phone call?