Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Underage Drinking ... and me!

I have been of legal drinking age for 9 years now.
I have been carded many times, but really not in ages ... Until tonight.
It was my friend's birthday today. I should point out that we work together and we are both legal drinking age.
So we thought nothing of going to Jack Astor's for a drink. We sat at the bar and ordered. The waitress looked at us and said "can i see some id?"
I laughed, but she was serious.
My friend didnt have any id. So the manager decided we could stay - but not drink alcohol (not even me!)
We decided to leave, after of course, bumping into a friend from work who enjoyed the humour in it.
Next bar.
Same thing.
We order drinks. They ask for id! Huh?
My friend swares she is never asked. I am rarely asked.
Bar #3.
At this point we were beginning to feel we needed a drink. We came up with a plan. Go in. Have a very serious conversation. When server comes over i will order 2 coronas. Go back to conversation. We debated sending my friend to the bathroom while I ordered, but we thought that may be too obvious and also, we werent sure of the legalities. (what happens if you order a drink for someone with no i.d.? Do they call the cops or are you just kicked out?)
The plan worked. Okay, really, I'd been to that bar a couple of times before and the person recognized me.
No i.d. was requested. Thank GOD!
We had a fun evening!
And I went home feeling very youthful.
And really, im not worried about the calories consumed because I know we burned them all off laughing at ourselves.


Multi-tasking Mommy said...

You underage rebel you!!! I get carded too.

Anonymous said...

It was TOO funny! I also loved how I offered to bring my ID in the next day!!

I've never been carded there before.
PPFFFFFFT. Must have had something to do with the fact I looked like a 12 in capris and a bike helmet.