Saturday, September 02, 2006

Matt's First Crush & a Shout Out to My Sis

Sometimes people tell you really cool things - that make you feel really special. Tonight over cake for my dad's birthday my sister told me that she goes online every night to read my blog.
Lately life has been overwhelming. And, knowing someone who loves you cares enough to tune into your life every day. Well, that's just cool. Period.
And, Beck, someday I'll teach you how to comment :)

Now on to Matt's first crush.

One of my closest friends lives down the hall from me. Yep. I'm lucky. I know. And, I've said a million times how if Ginny hadn't been here in Matt's first year, well ... I don't know. It would have sucked for sure. And, the reason I got to know Ginny is pretty much because her younger daughter, Lindsey, is 4 days older than Matt. Her older daughter, Mackenzie, will be 4 in October.

And Matt has a big crush on Mackenzie.

At first I thought he just said her name a lot because it was close to his. We call Matt Matty and they call Mackenzie Mackie. So, I just thought he was saying Mackie cause he liked it. Well, Mackie is now "Kenzie" in his world, and he is enamored.

At the tender age of 2 he is already knocking on her door and talking about her constantly. I have to say, it's the cutest thing. Like, on the bus on Friday he started to sing - at the top of his lungs. What was he singing "Kenzie. Kenzie. I LUV Kenzie." over and over and over.

And, every day we go to the garbage chute - which happens to be across the hall from their unit. He always tries to run over and open the door. I usually manage to stop him. And he always tells me "that's where Kenzie lives." Yep. I know! I really do.

How long will this last? I don't know. A little birdie has told me that Mackenzie does ask about Matt too. Too sweet. Sadly, Mac is going to jr. kindergarten this year. Will there be an older man in her future.

Hello! who cares. Matt is 2. He'll get over it. But, let's be serious here for a second. As in-laws go ... well, let's just say that he would have pretty cool ones!!!

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