Friday, March 02, 2007

Making It Right

Earlier this week I wrote about my issues when I took my son to Chapters on the weekend. I was pretty annoyed.
But, then I got an e-mail from someone at Indigo (the company that owns Chapters) who had read my blog. It was a very nice e-mail. I felt much better.
And then the store manager called me today.
We had a very nice conversation. I'd said my piece in the letter. He called to apologize. We had a really nice chat. He made me feel welcome in the store. I explained where I was coming from - that kids will be kids, and let's use some tact.
He agreed.
So, I'll go back.
After all, this book just came out, and I really wanted to buy it. And I have. And it's great.
And soon the book that I've been waiting forever for is coming out - and I plan to buy it the minute I can. So ...
I really wanted to clear this up.
Cause how sucky would it be if I couldn't go to the store that I normally really love.
Good work Chapters!!!

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Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Glad it worked out for you, that is great!
I just finished WIPED Today, yes it was a GREAT read.