Sunday, March 04, 2007

Gymnastics ... Season 2

Yesterday at gymnastics we got the forms to enroll for the next session of gymnastics. I almost signed up on the spot, but then took the form home to think about for a bit.
Part of me really wants to go back. And I asked Matthew. We were sitting in the Tim Horton's drive through for about an hour (okay 5 minutes) and so I explained that we had to decide if we wanted to go back or not.
Here's the thing. Having a three year old, which he will be next month, gives us a couple of options. We can do the Mommy and Me class again which we are currently in. Or, I could bring him, do the warm up, and then he could go off with a class.
So, I asked Matt which he wants.
He was decisive. He wanted the class with Mommy.
Now, to me this is pretty cool. This is the answer I was looking for (deep down) though NOT chasing my hyperactive toddler through a gym is also quite appealing.
But, still I hesitated to sign up.
The thing is, as much as he likes it, I kind of think he doesn't. He's not his normal social self. He wants to hold my hand the whole time. Unlike at school where he loves his teachers and hangs off their every word, here it's a different story. One of his coaches he pays no attention to. The other he kind of likes. But, he's just as happy with me holding him the whole time as he is to swing on the bars.
Here's where the Mommy guilt thing comes in.
I feel like this is all happening because what he really needs is one-on-one time with me.
I'm beginning to think that he's so programmed during the week that on Saturday morning maybe he doesn't want to go and do an organized sport where he is told what he has to do and when.
I'm kind of with him on that.
I like the idea of it. I like the activity. But it is really rushed to get out the door and be on the other side of town for 9am every Saturday morning.
I'm not saying I won't sign him up for any activities. I know this child and he loves activity. I just think he may get more out of something less structured. Like an art class. (god help me I have no artistic ability - maybe Becky could take him?) Or a music class. Or just a walk in the park. I kind of think he'd be just as happy to go for a run since he loves to run laps around the gym.
Not to mention garage sale season is coming up.
Matthew and I bond over the good deals and sense of accomplishment that brings. Not to mention the fun trip to Tim Hortons that most garage sale days bring.
You know - I think we'll sit out the next session. But maybe in the fall ... we'll see.


SciFi Dad said...

gah! "Garage Sale Season is coming"?!?!?

Because, you know, we all need to teach our kids to appreciate paying someone to take away crap they want to throw in the garbage.

becky said...

stick with garage saling Laural - now that you're 5 minutes away, we can load up the kids in the van and go for a bit and then wind up at Tim's on a Saturday morning - works for me!
Maybe in the fall we could sign both Matt and Paige up for gymnastics - that would be fun!

Meg! said...

Funny. I read the post above this first.
It seems he might enjoy the art class???????? hahahaha. (just an educated guess)

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Oh! I'm always up for a good garage sale!!! I know Sci-Fi Daddy is cringing at the thought.

My opinions, not that you asked...

Children these days are growing up in a world full of too much organized activities! Take a session "out" and just enjoy life. Especially as you said, Saturdays are so rushed, I'm sure Matty would love to just spend time with you doing your own fun things together!

He has plenty of time to be in organized activities...but his bond with his Mommy...well, it doesn't matter how it happens, even it you are hanging around the house together painting the walls, floors, heck, even ceilings--lol!

Aviva said...

Laural - You say in your post, "Here's where the Mommy guilt thing comes in." I don't see it though. You know that Matt just loves being with you and you know it's a hassle to get to the other side of town at 9AM on a Saturday. Enjoy your Saturdays being together - garage saling, running, snuggling together at home, or... maybe in a few months... back at gymnastics! Consider yourself absolved of the mommy guilt... at least for today!