Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sending Love

Last night over dinner my parents told us that a friend of the family has breast cancer.
The sad thing about this is that her son is about a year younger than mine. I can't imagine going through something like this knowing you have a young child, hoping for the best and fearing the worst.
I haven't seen her in awhile. In fact, it's been more than a year. We had dinner and chatted about breastfeeding vs. formula and sleep issues. It's one of those friendships you can drift in and out of - and catch up with the person when you see them.
I didn't really expect that the next e-mail would be announcing breast cancer.
Part of me is sad and worried. The other part of me feels kind of guilty. I realized that I trust way too much that people will just always be there when I want to hang out. I'm so guilty about letting friendships go too much, focusing on the people who are close at the time (distance wise in many cases) and saying "maybe next weekend we'll go see ..."
Luckily most of my friends are okay with this. Maybe part of this is due to the fact that I ama bit of a high intensity person and so sometimes Laural in small doses is a good thing. Or, maybe it's cause people know that if they are my friend I LOVE them.
But my point is, this is something I'm going to change.
So, please, go out. Call someone you haven't talked to in a bit just to say hi. It's totally worth it.
And, while you're doing something nice, say a prayer, think a good thought or do whatever it is you do to wish my friend luck. Her name is Lisa, and right now I think she needs whatever hope we can send her way.


SciFi Dad said...

Wow that is rough. Hopefully your friend will pull through. But wow, either way that is going to be really hard on her son.

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Thanks for the inspiring post, sorry it happened due to your friend. I cannot even begin to imagine.
I think that a lot of people get caught up in the moment of life.

Her Bad Mother said...

SO sorry to hear it. She's in our thoughts.

Ruthie said...

That's a very important thing to remember!!

I'll pray for Lisa.