Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mmmm ... mama mio

I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for yummy body products. But, when they are fun body products designed for mommies, what's not to love?!
For a long time all the mommy products were for mommies-to-be and new moms were on their own. But, finally there are products geared to mommies who have had their babies. One of the newest ones is the mama mio line that is geared toward supermamas. I love it. Their packaging reads "delux skincare for supermamas."
I tried out the Body Buff.
I liked that it promised to make me feel supersmooth and like myself in the buff.
Ha ha. I get it. Body buff - feel great in the buff. Good luck with that one.
Anyway. I liked the product. I had it in my van and let my mom try some while we were chatting. My mom, who has tried all sorts of products couldn't get over the stuff because she felt softer right away.
So, of course I had to try it. And I loved it.
Am I softer? More touchable?
Yep. My skin does feel smoother. And, considering that it's fall and my skin is getting really dry, I'm pretty impressed. And I smell good too.
What more could this Supermomma ask for?
Oh. I know. Enough time to have a long leisurely bath to fully enjoy the product!

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Multi-tasking Mommy said...

I have also been introduced to these products and will be posting a review on my site soon! I absolutely LOVE them. They are definitely made with the hip Mom in mind :)