Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ahhhh ... summer

It's summer.
It's busy around here.
The wonderful thing about being on maternity leave during the summer is that we can enjoy the lazy summer days I miss at work. So, granted 90% of the days aren't lazy with a 4 year old and 4 month old. But then there are days like today.
Chloe is napping on the couch (she's not rolling yet) and Matthew is curled up in my room watching cartoons. And I finally get some quiet for a few minutes. Ahhhh ... blissful lazy quiet. Quiet time in which I should probably be doing laundry or cleaning. And instead I'm going between reading blogs and watching Regis and Kelly.
I think that this is the first time I have watched my own morning shows since Matt's been home.
So what have we been up to?
We went on an amazing trip to Disney World. Oh how I loved it. Oh how I want to go back. Oh how I am completely obsessed with the Disney message boards, planning another trip and deciding where we will stay. (we're going next May).
There's not enough I can say about our trip. I loved it though. I think I loved it because I am a kid at heart and seeing princesses and characters was amazing. What's not to love about lunching with Cinderella and having breakfast with Mickey? I'd love to say it was all about the kids, but honestly it was also about me. I loved it. I loved standing in line and singing "It's a Small World" to my heart's content with very few strange looks. Love love love.
Matt was totally engrossed. He loved it.
And now, despite the fact that this summer is nice it's dragging. I want to go back. TOMORROW. We're not. But I want to.
In order to pass the time, and get in shape, I've gone back to running. It's slow and it's hard, and I can't push it a lot. Last year I developed 2 running routes that I did regularly - a short route and a long route. I'd just alternate them every day. So far I'm at the short route and I can do it about every other day. So, as I said, a slow start. But manageable. And, I'm not pushing myself. I'm trying to enjoy it and relax into it and not worry so much about time.
And in between all of that we're redoing parts of our house. We're laying a new kitchen/bathroom/hallway floor and putting in a new kitchen. Well, kind of new. We're sanding and painting. I hope it all works out.
I've also discovered the joys od Modge Podge and decoupaging. I've already refinished a bookshelf and 2 shelves for Chloe's Princess room. They are adorned in princesses and sparkles. I love it!
So ... what are you up to?

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SciFi Dad said...

You know, I recently thought to myself, "Laural's not blogging much lately."

I'm glad you're spending your time so well. It sounds like you are able to relax and enjoy life more.