Friday, August 29, 2008

Girls Night Out

Before Matt came along I bonded with a lovely lady named Kyla, who happens to be my niece. The very first thing that we discovered we have in common ... a love of shoes!
So, before long we started shoe shopping. I really did take an infant to try on baby shoes. And as she got older kids shoes. When she turned 3 she enrolled in ballet class and my gift to her was ballet shoes. This year her sister turned 3 and she is also enrolled in baby ballet. So I promised to take her ballet shoe shopping also.
This week turned into a girls' night out week because how could I take Paige shoe shopping one evening and not continue the tradition with Kyla.

First we measured her feet

Then we danced around the store

And then we donned an apron to get ice cream...

Things started off well. Then ...


Phew. Aunt Laural always carries wipes and a tide to go pen. We cleaned up the chocolate and did some more ballet before buying a "Sleeping Nudie" nightgown and leaving.

Since Kyla isn't taking dance this year she decided she needed school shoes. We also decided that we were far too mature for Laura Secord and went to East Side Marios. (that's Princess Power Punch... yum.)
We did some rocking out to Hannah Montana and ended up buying Polly Pocket shoes. I didn't take enough pictures because we were having too much fun! But, all in all it was a lot of fun.
And, while all this was going on, Matt was having fun too. The first night he stayed home with Daddy and watched Spy Kids (we're loving spies lately) and the second night he had a playdate with Paige. As he pointed out to me when I told him about the girls' nights ... "I hate princesses but I hate shoe shopping even more. I'm a boy." So, he had no problem with me shopping with my nieces!

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Elaine said...

Your kids are so sweet!! She's looking great in her pink dress.