Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Kamakazi Kitty

Let's take a break from my icky pregnancy complaints for a bit to discuss the craziest member of my household ... Rosie Rose Petal.
For those not in the know - that would be our 5 month old kitten.
I've had kittens before. I love kittens. But, I sware Rosie is the craziest of them all. Sweet, yes. But totally insane.
As she has gotten old she has gotten crazier.
One of the joys of our older house is that our doors don't shut completely. I mean, we can close the doors, but a gentle push will open them. Because I am allergic to cats, our compromise is that I can own cats but they can't sleep in our bedroom. This is fine by Mojo, our older cat. The closed door means she sleeps somewhere else. Given that Matt has 3 beds in his room alone this has never been a problem.
But Rosie??? When she wants something she wants it. So she somehow discovered that if she wants to get into our bedroom she just has to open the door.
The other day I was having a nap and I heard a thump. I kind of woke up. Then I heard another thump. Sixteen thumps later Rosie Rose Petal managed to open the door and flew into the bedroom. She then jumped on the bed, curled up and went to sleep. I picked her up and put her in the hall, closing the door behind me. Several thumps later she was back in the room, up on the bed and moments later curled up asleep. I decided not to fight this. What's the point? She is determined and would get in.
But her craziness continues throughout the house. Take for instance her drinking. We have a bowl of water out for her every day. Most cats lap water. Not Rosie. In goes the paw. She licks the water off her paw and then wipes her paw on the mat. This is repeated until she is full.
It's insane!!!
There is more. So much more.
But, despite the craziness we love her to pieces. She follows Matt around like a puppy dog, and the two of them play. When he pulls out his trains she chases them. If he plays in the basement she's always down there with him - sometimes playing. Sometimes relaxing.
I love it!!!


LoriD said...

She sounds awesome! I've had cats my whole life until ours died 3 years ago. She was the first one that was "mine" and at the time we had an infant and an almost 3-year-old. We decided to wait until the baby is 3 and then we'll get a new kitten. I can't wait.

Teena said...

We've got two cats. They are five now and just starting to settle down. They still sometimes forget that they aren't kittens anymore. Ha!

MandyPoo said...

I have the world's craziest cat, so I completely understand where you are coming from! (Actually I have 3 cats, but the other two are normal). My cat actually prefers to drink out of the water faucet rather than his water bowl...