Sunday, April 08, 2007

Still Running ... and how Bill fits into the picture!!!

Earlier in the year I blogged a bit about running - how I had some goals, how I was enjoying it, etc.
Part of the thing that motivated me was that someone told me that I didn't exactly have a runner's mindset. And, so that spurred me on to keep going to the gym and working on it.
I could have kept blogging about it, except a)my blog isn't about running and b)I don't find it that fascinating.
Don't get me wrong. Some runners have great blogs. I thoroughly enjoyed it when my friend had a goal of running in a race and kept a blog about training (and the name "Run, Ginny, Run" was also quite inspiring!).
For me it's become a bit of a routine. About 3 days a week I go to the gym and I run. I'm impressed with myself because I'm in the 4th month of doing this and I'm still at it. I've done 5 km a couple of times and believe it or not I'm actually enjoying myself. If I have a crappy day I look forward to running it all off with my music to keep me going.
Today, though, I decided to take it outside.
Okay, because my hairdresser told me to.
Yep. I went to see Bill last week, and among other things he told me this - he does not have a runner's mindset either.
Actually, I told him about the comment my friend made, and he said "well, of course you don't have a runner's mindset. Neither do I. I can't imagine running a marathon."
It turns out that he runs about 30 minutes at a time, doesn't worry about distance or speed, and clears his head too.
And, he told me I had to keep at it - if nothing else for my mental health. And, he suggested I try running outside.
So I did. Today.
Now, either he hates me and doesn't want me as a client anymore and was trying to KILL me by suggesting I leave the gentle pace of the treadmill.
Or, he's trying to make some helpful suggestions for my health.
I'll go with the latter because I am pretty sure he could easily blacklist me, not accept me as a client and never see me again and it would be a lot less messy than killing me.
My point is - running outside is not easy.
Honestly, Bill is not the only person to suggest an outdoor run. Everyone I talk to who knows anything about running has told me to run outside. (about 10 people). It's just that Bill is the only one I listen to.
I knew I had to be worried about pace. But, that's hard!
I managed to do just over 2km in about under 15 minutes. I don't know if that's good or not, but really, ouch.
So, I will try it again.
And again.
And again.
My goal is to be able to run 5 km outside by my birthday (May 20th). Though, honestly, I don't envision myself going for a birthday run. I'm enjoying this, but not that much! I think a birthday latte will be much more my style.
That is, unless, Bill wants to come for a run, and that would change everything. Just kidding!

PS About Bill - he hated the colour and fixed the cut. I am no longer obsessively straightening my hair.

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Ruthie said...

Running outside is so much harder. I think maybe because it's hard to keep exactly the same pace. And bumps. And holes. And hills.