Friday, June 16, 2006

The Stroller Thing - Take 2

I sould really be at the grocery store now so this is pretty short.
I had to follow upi about the stroller thing becasue I have had so much input both via blog and e-mail and also in person.
I am sure you've all heard the line of "if NAME jumped off the CN Tower would you?"
My mom stopped using that line on me pretty early because she knew that often I would answer yes. Plus, she is more creative than that.
So the question is whether or not I will buy a MacLaren stroller just because some blogger (and person I thought was pretty cool pre-blogging) that I think is like the coolest person ever suggested it.
Pretty much.
Not to mention you can buy a Kate Spade or Burberry MacLaren. Cool stroller and cool brand. Actually, I will not push for one of those.
Though, Amy, if you are reading this, I am sure that the BURBERRY stroller is not much more than your Burberry everything else. Matty would really love you if you bought him that stroller (hint hint)
I digress.
I am defintiely going for it. True it's not in the budget. But what is? Not much. And if having this coveted stroller will make me this much happier I am getting it.
I think I'm stopping by Once pon a Child.
So now the hunt is on. Bring on the Maclaren. You only live once, and really I have taken a test drive and they are defintiely remarkable.

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Searaygal said...

Yes I'm a huge supporter of the Burberry MacLaren. You do realize if you get that you'll have to fend me off from borrowing your child just so I can walk with the stroller right? I wonder if my purse would match? My sunglasses? I'll wear my 'Brit' perfume and Matty and I will be all set!

Too funny!!!!