Friday, June 16, 2006

Thirsday Thirteen on Saturday ... Why Not?

I like the Thursday 13 thing so I have moved it to Saturday because I have more time. Here we go ...

Thirteen Quirky/Crazy Things People Don't Know about Me (and probably don't care)

1. Growing up my nickname was Lauralski. My sister came up with it and knew it drove me crazy. Thanks, Beckwith (I mean, Becky)

2. I have passed 2 written driving tests and 2 road tests. I have failed one written test and 5 road tests. I do not have nerves of steel when it comes to driving tests.

3. People who drove with me before the age of 23 really are terrified to get in the car with me most of the time.

4. Some people believe that I have a slightly obsessive personality. I do not agree. Addictive maybe, but not obsessive.

5. If I were to agree that I am a tad bit obsessive the things that come to mind are: Phantom, Kurt Browning, City, and I think that is about it. Maybe also the Louis/'Flouis' thing but that was a short period in my life.

6. I took singing lessons - but quit shortly after I started.

7. I have done a mini-triathlon. It almost killed me because I had to swim in a lake and then bike and then run. What was I thinking? I believe I am a stronger person for having done that. And I will never swim in any lake again.

8. I forgot my hairdresser Bill in #5.

9. I love and adore the hairdresser who I have gone to for almost 15 years now and I used to send him cards and letters on a regular basis. If there was one person I felt I really needed to talk to in a crisis I would hands-down trust him with anything. He knows that. And, I love him for that.

10. Sadly, I love the Show America's Next Top Model. It's a bit addictive. Canada's not so much. This does not think I could be a model.

11. Pride week is important to me. I lived on Church Street and in many ways grew up as a person living there. I learned about acceptance - and also about being the one seeking acceptance. I plan to be at the Pride Parade because I want my son to understand - and not judge. And, yes, I will probably cry when I see PFLAG walk by because it always brings tears to my eyes and having my own child makes that more clear.

12. I am absolutely addicted to rewards programs like Shoppers Optimum Points. I love something for free - even if I have to spend more to get a reward.

13. When I was a child (maybe 7 or 8 I think) I was recorded on a cd with a small singing ensemble. I love to say I have my own CD. Actually, 20 years ago it was probably a record. A what? A RECORD!


Ginny said...

When I was 7 or 8 I was on some cheesy Hamilton radio show playing a contest. I remember the guy asking me something about my friend and he somehow made me say hi to my friends dog. He then proceeded to laugh at me for saying hi to a dog while on the radio. Don't know why I remember it but I do.
Laughing at the Laraulski and Beckwith nicknames. A litte funnier than the one my sister so lovingly called me...Vagina (you know instead of Virginia). Yup I loved that one so much I actually kicked a hole in our bedroom door one day!

kate said...

Actually it was a tape recording so we have a tape of you!
kate (aka mom to you!!!)