Monday, June 12, 2006

Art of Peace or Art of Noise ...

Last week I went to a rather phenomenal exhibit called the Art of Peace. It was hosted by a friend of mine (and colleague). She put together this exhibit of student art work, poetry and writing dedicated to peace. It's a pretty great idea.
And she invited me to the opening of the exhibition.
The event was held at the Scarborough Civic Centre. I'd never been there before. The work is displayed in the rotunda and the ceremony (guest speakers) we in sort of the main part.
The event last week started at 6pm and as it was pretty casual Matthew and I arrived at 7. Being the good mother and friend that I am, I made sure that Matt was clean and fed and looking dapper for our arrival at the exhibit.
I worked hard at explaining to him that it was art, and told him his friend Angela would be there.
Maybe I hyped it up just a little too much because Matt was excited when we arrived - despite the fact that we had parked a distance away and gone up 2 hills and many stairs searching for the location.
Whatever. We found it. And we walked into the centre to enjoy the Art of Peace.
In about 30 seconds it became The Art of Noise. Matty's noise that is.
"Oh WOW!" he screamed as he ran down the spiral staircase laughing.
I quickly followed him, grateful that I had not worn the heels my husband wisely warned me against.
He was about to greet our friend when he spotted the fish.
What municipal centre, I ask you, has in its centre a HUGE fish pond filled with coy that a kid could climb into. Oh - wait, that's the Scarborough Civic Centre.
So, while guest speakers, readers and danceers celebrated peace, this mother and her toddler talked to fish. I can honestly tell you I have never seen a fish jump out of the water till last Thursday's fish feeding. It was pretty cool.
What surprised me, though, about the evening, was how accepting everyone was. People were smiling at us and laughing and not rolling their eyes.
Hmmm ...
I guess we gave peace a chance (ha ha ha)
And, PS Angela had the most GORGEOUS eyebrows of anyone there. Really.

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Bahar said...

That is cute :)

Your little boy sounds very bubbly. He also looks a bit ahead of other kids his age (trust me, I visit my mom at the DayCare quite a bit)