Friday, June 16, 2006

Where's my Fire Warden Hat?

I rarely blog about work.
There are several reasons for this, but mostly it is because a) I spend a lot of time here so I don't feel like talking about it when I write and b) I don't think it's really appropriate since it's such a small world.
However, one of the things I tend to do at work is get involved. If there's a company activity or outing I really try to go because I am one of these people who think that work stuff (like company picnics, etc) are fun. And I also get asked to join things. It must be my sparkling personality - or the fact that I talk way too much to just about everyone. And, side note, I always got in trouble for talking in class and now look at me - it's encouraged.
Anyway ...
The one thing that has been big at work lately is the fire warden program. I attended the training sessions, I got the red hat (no, there are no pictures) and I took part in a fire drill, leading people to exits. The training really actually inspired me to learn a little more about safety both at work and at home.
Add to that the fact that the last fire drill the entire building evacuated in record time, and I am feeling pretty proud of my skills.
Maybe a little too proud because ...
When we got to the daycare today the fire alarm started going off. My first though was that I may have a chance to use my new fire warden skills. I made sure to keep Matthew outside, and then I instructed other parents to stay outside while it was being investigated. I think at one point I did say "I am a fire warden, afterall".
Okay - so it turns out that it was a test. My skills were not needed. But, I did feel quite proud of not only my knowledge but my lack of fear in the face of such an event. I was also wishing I had my Fire Warden hat on. I think the other parents would have been duly impressed by it.
And, there really was a moment of banding together. One of the moms pulled out a soccer ball and had the kids kicking it to each other. Another dad was about to take the kids to the playground. We were moments away from singing Kumbayah.
And then it stopped.
Excitement over - back to work.
I'll say this - bring on the fire alarms. I'm ready!

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