Saturday, June 10, 2006

A wonderful day

Yesterday was great!
The first great part of the day was that one of my colleague's came back to work. She has been of for 10 months because she had breast cancer. I had just started working at my job when I met her. She's about my mom's age, so there is a significant age difference. But, it was just a very comfortable friendship. The kind where you can chat for ages on a quiet afternoon and really not even mention anything about work.
And then one day she just disappeared and we later heard she had bresat cancer. I was delighted to see her back. And, of course, when she came over to say I promptly gave her a hug and started to cry. (it's okay - she did too). And, she's doing really well. (and looks amazing).
Honestly, as I said to her, if I didn't know where she had been I'd have thought she'd spent the year off and ended it by going to a spa and getting a makeover.
I don't think there's a better start to the day.
But the day got better. Usually I eat at my desk, but yesterday I went out for lunch with several other "assistants" in my office. It was fun. We were laughing and joking around and having a good time. It was nice.
And then I left early and went shopping en route to pick Matty up from daycare. I had time to have a nice chat with his teachers and watch him play with his friends for a bit. One funny thing, he always talks about his friend Nathan. It's Nathan this and Nathan that. I was expecting someone really exciting. Nathan is the shyest quietest kid in the class. He just sort of watches Matt run around. Funny.
Anyway, so I took Matt to Starbucks where we sat and enjoyed chatting and watching the traffic. We don't do that enough. It was pretty fun. I love that my son actually is going for coffee with me now.
And, then we ended up at Toys R Us. So, there was a temper tantrum. I wouldn't buy something for Matt. He really really wanted a digger. But, it was expensive and we were getting another toy and I put my foot down.
In the middle of Toys R Us he started a big temper tantrum. Tears, screaming the works. And, I stood my ground. (I am really trying not to give in to the tantrum.)
But, instead of the usual stares a woman came up to me and said, "Good Work - my daughter is going through that too and she bites." And then she turned to Matt and actually said "You're cute and your mom is doing a good job."
And, shortly the temper tantrum ended and off we went.
I know it was a small thing but I really appreciated it and it was such a nice way to end a nice day.
Okay - I'm off to garage sales.

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Naomi said...

Good for you on the tantrum. My son is starting them, and I'm doing what I can to ward them off. We took him out to dinner the other night, with my parents, who insisted on getting appetizers.

Service was also slow.

Do you get where I am going? About the time my dinner came and i took 2 (yes TWO) bites, he started to lose it.

I scooped him up, and took him outside. (of course, my mother kept saying that he's fine...etc. right, fine until he starts to scream and disturb the rest of the world!!)