Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Where is my Gold Star??

Today we had the bus ride from h&*%.
Seriously, it was awful. It started when Matt refused to stay in his stroller. As the stroller is crap he can either a) climb out of it or b) look like he's strangling himself while trying to climb out. I am okay with B when I am alone, but when I am on a full bus with annoying leering strangers I am not so okay with it.
So, I let the toddler loose on a TTC bus in rush hour.
Ha ha I say to the snotty onlookers who leered. Watch me now.
So they watched as Matt ran around screaming, I tripped over my shoes, bag and stroller 3 times and Matt stood laughing saying "uh uh mommy fell and hit head, arm, leg"
That was all in the first 2 minutes.
We got to the first major intersection and Matt threw lego at the woman behind us.
Next major intersection a couple kindly offered up their 2 seats (the man had been holding my stroller for me).
So we sat and Matt spent the next 15 minutes jumping, climbing, pulling hair and singing "The Wheels on the Bus" while I tried to keep him calm and keep myself calm.
And then the end was in sight. I could see the stop where I press the button to get off.
So could Matthew. He wanted to pull the string right then and there.
I saw the gleam in his eye; I saw him reaching for the string.
But no. He is not allowed.
I stopped him.
Two stops away from our beloved home he had the temper tantrum to end all temper tantrums.
It was golden.
I too started to cry. Just a little. I could almost pretend it was sweat. Everyone stopped staring. They knew I was cracking. Just knew it.
And then we hit it. The beloved stop where we pull the string. I whispered to Matthew. He stood up and pulled it. The whole entire bus knew it was HIS turn. And some mean spirited person pulled it before he could get to it.
What did I do?
I stood up and in my best impersonation of a Bus bell shouted "DING"
Matthew started crying, temper tantrum ended and he climbed back into his stroller and we got off the bus all the while shouting "ding ding ding".
Please please let this not continue.

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Searaygal said...

Oh my God! You poor thing!!!
Do I have to sit Mr. Matty down and have a chat with him about being nice to his mommy? You tell him to call me and we'll have a little chat. You never know, he may listen to a couple words.
Big Hug! You deserve a 'Venti' today.