Friday, June 09, 2006

Open House Tomorrow

Tomorrow's the big day - an Open House at my mom's new office- the Oak Park Wellness Centre. Here are the details:

Saturday, June 10
10 am- noon
Oak Park Wellness Centre
231 Oak Park Blvd.

Just a quick note:

My mom, Kate, has teamed up with someone named Peter West. They both offer life coaching, stress management, etc.
I first met Peter when I was 16 and going on a trip to Africa. He was the editor of a local paper and he came to interview me. When I eventually mentioned to him that I wanted to write one day he let me write a story upon my return. It was my first published article. He encouraged me and really pushed me in a direction I wanted to go.
He has since gone on from editing to do some amazing things in his life, and is now doing life coaching and running men's groups.
We've had chances off and on to meet and chat, and as my mom explored counselling they ran into each other and decided to become a team (professionally). When she told me I was thrilled. He's such a great guy, and has been such an inspiration to me.

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