Monday, June 05, 2006

I'm a Loser!! Seriously.

I am a loser. But, in a good way.
After 5 weeks I'm finally seeing a bit of a difference on the scales.
I weighed myself today and I lost 3.5 pounds this week - for a total of 13 pounds!!!
Last week I was a little disappointed because I was hoping to hit 10 pounds and I didn't. Today I was pleasantly surprised at what I saw. Well, in the context of losing weight that is. I can't say I was pleasantly surprised by the actual number. But, really, who is pleasantly surprised looking at the scale? I don't know.
But, the point is, I'm actually pretty proud of myself. I don't have that much willpower, especially when it comes to food. I'm an emotional eater - happy or sad, angry, stessed, joyous, excited or just hungry, I will eat. I also am not particular to certain foods - sometimes I want candy sometimes I want chips, but really either will do in a moment of frustration. So I am really trying to curb that behaviour.
I feel like a lot has changed about my lifestyle too. At work I've stopped going to Tim Horton's for cookies so much. Really, I don't miss them that much. I am bringing and eating all sorts of healthy foods, and the people who I am around the most at work understand this and encourage it. If we go for a coffee run we don't get treats.
At home I've been trying as well. I think it's better for all of us if we eat a little healthier. Matty loves the fruit I buy and if I tell him we're going for a walk he's thrilled. If anyone is dragging their heels it's not Matt. That's for sure.
So, onward and upward.
Here's to another few pounds and maybe just maybe not dreading wearing a bathing suit this summer. (Okay, I'm kidding about that one! I will always dread bathing suits)


Searaygal said...

That is awesome!!!!! Congrats Laural!!!!!

Now I'm all inspired again. I even packed my lunch today....we had leftovers from the weekend, but I still packed it and its healthy too! And we ate all good stuff at the track all weekend too.

Congrats again! We'll go for a non-fat, decaf, sugar-free latte to celebrate! Venti!!!(Surprisingly, I prefer them this way, I think they taste better).

Laural Dawn said...

I agree - they are better that way (not decaf though).
I ordered a Grande, Non-Fat, No sugar, half syrup vanilla latte.
Sabrina just looked at me and said "are you kidding?"
It is a little pretentious. But, oh so good!
I really prefer the half-shot of syrup. It's just a little flavourful but not over the top.

Ginny said...

Two words, Daniel Cook. He may be annoying to some parents but I have to tell you, there is an episode where he goes to the market and they buy all kinds of crazy fruit. Then they wash it all and try them. Honestly ever since then the girls love trying new fruit. Tonight's was coconut. Thumbs down to the coconut milk but thumbs up to the coconut. Plus it was an adventure getting into it that involved a hammer and some screw drivers!! Other favourites are Dragon Fruit (it's very beautiful too!) papaya, mango, lychee fruit, prickly pear and some weird yellow thing that we have no idea what it is!! Trying all this fruit is fun and you can make great fruit salads!

Anyway, keep up the great work Laural, it's not easy to loose 13lbs! You should be proud.

BTW - I have no problem cat sitting, it only makes sense don't you think?

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