Sunday, December 03, 2006

Things I've Learned My First Weekend in our New House

  1. Houses are not condos. The guy who told me I was in for a big surprise was completely right. There's a lot more space in here, and a lot more can go wrong.
  2. The word "wow!" coming out of my husband's mouth can mean many things. For instance it may mean "wow! my 5'2 wife can carry a gigantic speaker." or "wow! I've never seen my wife fight with a lawyer before and it's impressive" or "wow! When you said you were painting the bathroom pink you meant it!"
  3. The words "go nuts" in reference to choosing a bathroom colour do no mean "please paint everything including the ceiling pink"
  4. Three levels of living space is significantly larger than one level. This can be good, but it can be really daunting when vaccuuming.
  5. When you are assembling something, like a closet organizer, and it says "read instructions carefully before assembling" you should. You should also know how all tools required for a project work. If you don't the friendly people at Home Depot will help.
  6. Pink and green floral wall papers are very popular. In the kitchen and bathroom alone we have found 6 different versions of pink and green floral wall paper.
  7. Pink and green is a very annoying colour combination - especially when they are bold versions of those colours and go throughout the house
  8. The little things that you deemed "liveable" such as dark dusty rose bedroom paint really aren't liveable for that long.
  9. I am clearly not Martha Stewart, Debbie Travis, Brian Gluckstein or any of those design gurus. If any of those people would like to come and help me out they are welcome.
  10. If you move from a tiny condo to a slightly larger home, your relatives will happily bring all of your discarded belongings that have been residing in garages. Items may include things like hamster cages, high school love notes and graduation photos. (anyone want a hamster cage?)
  11. This is the most wonderful experience of my life and I'm so FREAKING happy that we are finally in our own home.

PS Tomorrow Matthew starts his new daycare. My fingers are crossed. I hope it goes well.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations. Hope everything goes well today.

Searaygal said...

Hey, so I have some extra furntiture, want it? LOL

Anytime you need 'Martha' let me know!

Cheers & Congrats! Can hardly wait to see the place!

Amy :)

Haley-O said...

Congrats on the new home, Laural! (Laural rhymes with floral! ;))

Amanda said...

Too funny.
It can be an overwhelming experience!
I had to laugh at #8, as Jeff would totally make fun of me for that too.
My parents made me clear out their basement full of all of my teacher resources (and I have many) about 3 weeks after we moved into our house. Yes, we had the space, but everything was in such disarray, it was frustrating!
I'm so glad that you are settling into your new home.