Saturday, December 09, 2006

Speechless ... Literally

I went back to work on Thursday.
I'm a little under the weather. I have a cold. It's bearable with some cold pills. But I have a very scratchy throat that has gotten scratchier from having to much fun. And, from work.
On Thursday night several of my colleagues and I went to a really cool party. It was fun I tell you. Fun. It would have been more fun healthy. But that wasn't something a couple of drinks didn't fix.
I met all sorts of neat people.
I met a report who I LOVE (okay, admire. No love. no admire. Whatever she hugged me!) And I met the mayor who told me we'd never met. (nope) but I did mention I voted for him. (what else do you say to the mayor?) And just generally had fun.
Seriously, Shinan Govani was there. I KNOW. cool. I didn't say hi. I wanted to. One of my newfound friends (read: I introduced myself because we always talk on the phone and I wanted to meet him in person) tried to convince me to go say hi, but I didn't. Because I had this sudden case of nerves. So we had another drink and then lost him. But he was there. That's enough for me.
And the fun wasn't over because the next day was our work Christmas lunch.
As I'm sure anyone who knows me, or knows me through here, things like this I love. It's fun getting together with friends, having a nice lunch, chatting and then seeing who gets employee awards. It's fun. And there's usually some partying when it's all over. Yesterday was no exception.
What was completely shocking though was that I was one of the people who won an employee award.
Truly, I was not expecting it. At all.
The president and CEO stood up and call my boss on stage. That sort of surprised me, but I suddenly thought to myself "awesome - Beth (my colleague) is getting an award." I was totally smiley and happy for her in the way that when someone totally deserves something you are. She and I had worked on a project together, but she did a whole whack of work on it, and seriously deserved this. I was thrilled for her. And then what do I hear? Both her name and mine being called.
I thought I heard wrong. Luckily my friend said "he said your name" and I went up.
Gotta say. Totally flattered, shocked and flustered all at once. Thank God for the Board member who took my hand on my way up the stairs. And, then what did I do? Did I shake hands like everyone else? Did I? Nope.
I started hugging.
First I hugged my boss, but that's fine because I've done that before.
But, then I hugged the CEO. oops. Apparently I was the only person to do this. Memorable, I tell. My goal in life is to at least be memorable.
And, I am still completely shocked and flattered by this award.
It's cool because you get a letter and it's framed. So I'm going to hang it. Yay!
And, drinks after. Well, it was great. I had fun. We went to a couple of places because some of our group got kicked out for bad behaviour. Who knew that pouring your drink into someone else's glass is not allowed??? I did not know this. Anyway, fun was had by all. I went home in a cab with one of my new neighbours. All was good.
This morning, though. I am speechless. No matter how hard I try no words come out of my mouth.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome you got recognized for your part in the progect ! Hugging isn't so bad, you could've done alot worse :)

Amanda said...

Sounds like you had a great time.

Anonymous said...