Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Busy week

I stayed home the first three days of this week. I had booked the days to get the house in order. I didn't exactly plan to be sick as well. So, it was kind of a bit of everything.
The time off of work has been nice. I had the chance to get Matt into the new daycare. I know Mike could have totally handled it, but I also know that no matter how well it went, and how happy Matt seemed, I would need to know for myself. And, I did go, and I do know it's okay. So I'm okay. (and I'm 90% sure that I'm sick because of the stress).
I also had a chance to hang out with my sister who now lives 5 minutes away from me. We went to Starbucks and the mall last night. And we LAUGHED. Like, the stupid sister laughs that you don't share with just anyone. It kind of helped that it was Starbucks Christmas night and it was a bizarre evening. But, it made it worth it.
I also hung out with my 4 year old niece. Okay, so I kind of screwed up because I picked her up from school late (school ends at 3 - not 3:30!!!) I think took her to McDonald's where she puked everywhere. And, I also promised her that I would save the part of her happy meal and I threw it out. (I was so confused by the puking incident and kind of grossed out). So not the best Aunt Laural performance, but I have lots of time to make up for that.
And I haven't had any quality time with my younger niece yet - but we'll get that soon.
All in all, it's been a freaking great week.
Now I have to go back to work. Why? Because I've become a shopaholic. No mall has been off limits this week. And something scary has come over me. I've started browsing the home decorating section. Gah! Must.Go.Back.To. Work.!!!
I need to make more money. To buy more home stuff.
I also keep taking these side trips to the Starbucks down the street. I've been going every day. I drag Mike. It's an expensive habit. And fattening. But fun.
So tomorrow I go back to work. No painting. No cleaning. No organizing. No sorting. Work.


Haley-O said...

Ewwwwww McDonald's vomit! HURL!
And, I understand the Starbucks addiction. You know I suffer from it, too!!!

Anonymous said...

I love shopping to !!!! We don't have a starbucks here, but we an Arnold's and it's so so good :)

Jessica said...

Sounds like you've been busy!

BTW...I think this is my first time to your blog...feel free to stop by my blog and say hello as well! =-)

becky said...

Hey Laural,
Miss Williams said you were hilarious running into school all worried. I love having you around the corner from us. We all missed you - but I think especially me. Drag me along any time you feel the need for a Starbucks coffee.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you a secretary?