Monday, December 04, 2006

New Daycare

Today was Matt's first day at his new daycare. I was completely stressed about it.
Turns out Matt wasn't.
After several days with boring mommy and daddy, Matt was thrilled when he walked into a classroom with new friends and new teachers. I offered to stay, but Matt just gave us hugs and said "bye Mommy and Daddy."
Easy Peasy.
So, I continued to stress all morning. The what-ifs were running through my head. What if he turned around and was looking for us. What if he thought his other daycare friends would be there. What if he didn't like the teachers?
None of those fears were realized. We promised to pick him up after lunch, and when we got there he was thrilled to see us. Because he'd been in the bathroom when we got there we had a chance to chat with his teacher.
She said his day went really well. She couldn't get over how outgoing he was. She said that he was happy to just get to know all of the kids. She said he played with everyone and shared his toys. At lunch he asked for more milk when he wanted more. It was a really really good first day.
When we were walking home he said to me "my new friends were so nice. I love them. They make me so happy." I almost cried. Thank goodness! He also gave the yummy hamburgers and ketchup and milk rave reviews.
I couldn't have asked for anything better.


Anonymous said...

So glad it turned out (almost as I predicted, I believe). ;)

Anonymous said...

That's great that everything went so well !!