Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Do I Look 15?

I've always been told I look younger when I have no make-up on.
Generally speaking I'm okay with this.
But lately I feel like I'm looking younger and younger not older and older. Here's why. A few weeks ago I went out with some friends and this guy asked me if I was 19 yet. I asked a few people I was with how old I looked. Most of them guessed about 25. But all of them work with me, and pretty much would have some idea based on my occupation and the fact they know I'm married with a child.
Then when we were at the lawyer's office he asked me 3 times if I was "of the age of majority". I know this is a legal question, but honestly he asked me before I even sat down. Yes, I'm above the age of 18. I have a 2 and 1/2 year old with me. That would mean I was pregnant at the age of 15. Seriously. Yes, I have reached that age.
But, then today was the topper.
My son's daycare is in a high school. Apparently school starts at 8am. I didn't even think about this when I dropped him off. (I have today off of work, this is a late drop off for us). I was there for a few minutes, and then left about the same time as another mom.
She walked out of the room, down the hall and was off. She did this just after O Canada played. I was about 7 second behind her. I started to walk the same route when I suddenly heard "young lady, we don't wander the halls during announcements."
I turned around. oops.
That was in reference to me.
Young Lady?!?!?
I always hated that term when I was a teenager. Suddenly I had an inclination to turn around and hug the man saying that. But, of course the whole fear of being sent the principal's office sort of stopped me in my tracks.
What did I say "Oh. I'm not a young lady."
I was about to say that I had my kid in daycare when a bunch of kids started cracking up. It was funny because they'd seen me come out of the classroom. So, what then came out of my mouth?
"I don't go here."
Duh. He just raised his eyebrow. So, I finally explained that my child was in day care, but thank you very much for the compliment about my age.
He started to laugh. I started to laugh. And then I added "I know I look young, but I'll be 30 in a couple years."
Gotta say - I don't really miss high school. And, the past couple of days I'm beginning to realize that I'm sorely out of style. And, if I want to get mistaken for a high school student again I had better work on my look.


Anonymous said...

that is hilarious. "i don't go here". haaaaa. you crack me up. luv BFAW#1

The Girl Who Loves to Knit said...


That's my word of the day for you.

Anonymous said...

That would be embarrasing, but hey just think when your turning 40 and then 50 you'll look younger then your age !!! Every women wants that !!

Ruthie said...

I envy you! Just think, when you're 50, you'll only look about 35. That's good stuff.

When I was very young and silly (think 13) I could buy cigarettes and even alcohol sometimes without being carded. I look ten years older than I am. Which was nice then, but now I'd rather look young again.

Want to trade? Or maybe we could average it out and both look our age :)

ninepounddictator said...

Ha ha...You should be totally happy about this! I feel like I look younger now too, since my hair is so friggen long now..I feel like I have six year old hair, but without the knots. I need to get it chopped off. I've been lazy.

I remember getting off a train in Ottawa and a nice train employee asking me if my parents were picking me up. I was like, "Um, I'm 29!!! So, no."

Anonymous said...

You made me laugh out loud - "Oh. I'm not a young lady."
You are hilarious!!