Friday, December 01, 2006

blogging in my kitchen among the boxes

No we have not yet set up our home office. I am blogging with my bberry. Sad I know. But it is early and I can't face the boxes yet!
Yesterday was moving day.
I hate moving.
I won't give you the full run down. I will say that torrential rain and wind gusts are not a fun way to move - especially when the truck you booked fell through (thanks U-haul) and you get a van, albeit a large one, from a different company. Thanks god for father inlaws with trucks, trailers and more tarps than your local home hardware.
By 4 pm I was on the road with a car filled with crap and a freaking out cat. By 4 10 I was on the crowded DVP when our lawyer called with "a little bad news" that the buyer's mortgage did not come through.
Several hysterical phone calls later (and no accidents despite my panic) we sorted something out. Thanks to a couple of amazing real estate agents and a good lawyer we bought in escro which basically means we have not paid for our home.
Gotta say - I LOVE credit!!!
When we finally got here we saw our new home.
My mom had already started ripping down wallpaper and curtains. It is pretty fugly. I mean we love it but it is a little scary. I can't wait to take the before and after photos. We have gone from a modern condo with stuff like granite counters and kohler fixtures to a 30 year old townhome in need of repair.
But it is what we chose. We are looking big picture!
Matty hasn't been here too long. Given that his bed was soaking wet (it is a plastic race car and trust me it did well in the rain.)He slept at grandma's last night. We are returning the van and then will pick him up.
Yesterday he spent the day bonding with his younger cousin, but that is another post for another day.
Anyway, I'm now off to wake up Mike and find some clothes.
Wish me luck that this escro thing ends today. And hey, BFAW's if any of you can explain what escro is I'd appreciate it. You know the legal stuff. I know it!!!
PS sarah - my bingo card didn't win did it????


Anonymous said...

Oy Vay...

U-Haul really is true to its name isn't it? YOU have to haul everything yourself cause they f*ck up all the time. Hope your day improves...
luv BFAW#1 (L)

Anonymous said...

I hate moving !! First packing, then moving, then unpacking, just thinking about it makes me tired:)