Sunday, November 26, 2006

Dear Santa ... I want a Ham Limer??

Matthew is quite enamoured with Santa.
We explained to him that you write letters to Santa to ask him for presents. So, we've been asking Matt what he wants for Christmas.
Guess what he keeps saying?
"I want a Hamlimer."
Yes, a Hamlimer. Or maybe a Ham Limer.
Any ideas???
He's been saying this for 2 weeks.
We've been trying to figure out exactly what a hamlimer is. His only answer is "it's a ham limer." Okay. He's 2. He doesn't know how to describe it.
I asked him if any of his friends had a hamlimer.
Yes, Diego does. Great. Given that Diego is a cartoon character I can't exactly ask his mother.
Finally, my genius mother solved the riddle yesterday by asking what a ham limer does.
A ham limer flies.
What does Diego have that flies.
That, my friends, would be a Hang Glider.
Great... So, where do we buy a hamlimer?
I have absolutely NO idea!


Anonymous said...

That is so fuuny ! Good luck finding a hang glider. Luckily when they're that age there just as happy with whatever they get. They forget what they originally wanted, thank goodness:)

Ginny said...

Too funny! Good luck with that one!

Ruthie said...

That is SO CUTE! Maybe you could get some sort of Deigo-themed toys at Toys R Us... you know they went nuts merchandizing Diego and Dora, I'll bet you could find something hang-glider themed...