Saturday, November 04, 2006

Shuffle off to Buffalo

Yay yay yay!
Today my posse and I (i.e. the secret society my sister and I call the PCD) are going to Buffalo.
Because we all deserve a break. And what better break can anyone think of than a day spent shopping at the outlet mall, dinner at Olive Garden and a night at a hotel - with no kids!!!!
I am giddy with excitement.
Of course we are getting Starbucks for the trip down. Yay! I'm going for a full fat grande latte. That will cost more than dinner at Olive Garden, I'm sure!!!
We have been talking about this for awhile, but finally we are going.
The plan is not to spend a lot of money. There are limits at the border. But, it's more about the fun of the experience. We've all packed magazines, books and are buying wine.
And we are hoping to sleep in. No 5 am wake up calls or snoring husbands (sorry Mike!) Just some sleep and rest and of course the shopping.
And, just for a little historical note that I am soooo proud of. Our family roots go back to Buffalo. My grandmother grew up there, and her father (or maybe grandfather) laid the founding stone of Buffalo City Hall. So, there is kind of a historical purpose for this trip.
Okay, not so much.
But, many of my friends think my pride of Buffalo is kind of amusing. I guess it is :)
And, completely off topic, but.
This week I was soooo off my diet. It was Halloween and I let loose. I ate a ton of candy. Yesterday Mike and I had jack Astors for lunch and then we had a pasta dish for dinner.
And, then today I weighed myself since it's Weight Watchers weigh-in day for me. Guess what?!?!? I was down half a pound. Is that weird or WHAT???
Am I justified in assuming that chocolate burns fat? Maybe it is relative to the speed in which I am eating the chocolate. I think that must be it.

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Anonymous said...

hope you have fun fun fun in Buffalo darlin'!....and while you're there have some buffalo wings. ha! i kill me. BFAW xo