Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hats, Hotel Discounts & Hilarity - Buffalo Style

Ahhh - the girls' weekend.
There's so much I want to blog about, and so much that just cna't be explained in words. Just in experience.
To start with, I have to say this was a weekend that we all desperately needed. It was a weekend to have fun, be silly and not worry about kids. And, trust me - fun was had by all.
The fun started when we were sititng in a line for an hour to cross the border. For some reason none of us (my sister Becky, friend Ketly and I) thought it was a bad idea to get grande lattes from Starbucks en route. By the time we hit the border line - an hour and a half line up - we all needed to pee.
So, in order to get our minds off of the need to pee we decided to pull out the Cosmo that I had so wisely purchased and do the quiz. Now, for 3 old married women (ha ha) the question of whether or not we were aggressive with men was pretty funny. What was even funnier was when Ketly, who I would never describe as shy, was told that she was not aggressive enough with men, and was sent to a different storyin the magazine - How to draw out your inner sex kitten.
By the time we got to the border crossing we all knew how to bring out our inner sex kitten, which may explain why the border guard waved us through despite my lack of proper i.d.
One pee break later and we were ready to shop.
We just had to get to the outlets.
So ....
We passed the outlets. Four toll bridges, 3 u-turns and one phone call to my dad later we finally made it to the outlet mall.
There were some incredibly interesting things at the outlet mall.
There were the boots that Ketly found that had some extra bling on them. (bling=sugar in Becky's world).
There was the tam at the Burberry outlet - that had a giant pom pom on the top. That I insisted I try on. It was stunning.
And really, it went on an on.
Sadly, my big outlet purchase was a box of Mike and Ike's at the dollar store.
We then went on a target shopping trip. Again - not so successful - except for the 12 pacakges of daily lip glosses I bought. They were super cool. Super cool. (I bought ones for my BFAW's - love you guys!)
So, by the time we got to Olive Garden and were told it was an hour and 20 minute wait we were getting a little giddy.
And we went to Big K - Kmart - for some shopping fun. Okay, so I did pretty well there. I got the coolest skirt. I love it. And, as I went to pay the funniest thing of the entire weekend happened. The woman behind me was purchasing about 5 million hats.
So, picture it, I had my stuff on the counter, and then I looked behind me and she had put down a red fedora. Weird.
And then she started to pull out tons and tons of grey and black hats. I started to crack up and then Becky and Ketly saw and got started.
Anyone who has seen me have a complete giggle fit will understand what suddenly happened. The more hats she placed on the counter the funnier it go. She had about 100 - and she kept counting them. As I'm losing it, this man walks past, stops, looks at the scene and says to Becky and Ketly "Wow - who buys that many hats." I was gone.
I tried to contain myself. And, the laughter just kept popping out. I got to the table at Olive Garden, got all the way to eating with just little giggles, but when the waitress brought out Ketly's meal and dropped the steak I lost it. I'm still laughing about it.
The rest of the weekend. Well, it mostly had it's highs. Like when I complained about the room we got at the hotel and they took $53 off the room price (apparently the "tree people" had been there and torn the hotel apart and made the rooms stinky. Who are the tree people??? Why $53??? We will never know.)
And, then we went to another mall and filled my shopping quota.
It was a good weekend.
We'll do it again!!!!


Haley-O said...

Sounds awesome! I need to get out of town....Haven't been to the Olive Garden in YEARS! Sounds like you had a blast! You're always laughing, huh? It's nice. :)

Ruthie said...

That sounds like fun!

Anonymous said...

awthum! can't wait to get my lip gloss! thanks for thinking of me sweetcheeks. i'm going to niagara/buffalo in a couple weeks too - now i'm looking forward to it even more! luv bfaw - the best one.

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