Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Donuts to Dollars ... A new babysitter

Last night we had a babysitter.
Shocking. I know.
We had a final shoot for the show we are doing, and in desperation I e-mailed the producer and she arranged for a babysitter while we went to do our shoot.
I was totally fine with the idea of this girl coming over. She's a kindergarten teacher, studied ECE and has babysat for numerous families. And, I trust Matt with the teachers at daycare every day. So, what's the big deal.
Who knows - I just totally panicked about 15 minutes before she arrived. Our house was messy, I didn't have a fullsome emergency contact list (okay - the list had about 20 people on it) and I was worried. A babysitter. In my home. We honestly have never done that.
When Lara arrived I calmed down a bit.
First of all, she was really cool. And, totally relaxed. And she asked all the right questions - bedtime, teeth brushing, tv, etc. Matt seemed to like her. And, so we left. (okay more like Mike dragged me).
But, I've gotta say. It went really well.
We came home to a sleeping child who had his pyjamas on, his teeth brushed and was happy. The girl worked magic.


Anonymous said...

When does your episode air?

Anonymous said...

I might know Lara; she's great isn't she.


Haley-O said...

Wow, the babysitter sounds more than qualified. Great that you found a good one. It'll be easier for you to leave Matty and get out more! Maybe... ;)

Amanda said...

That must have been a relief! We haven't been brave enough to get a sitter yet (other than family). It takes the right person, you know and we just haven't found them. Admittedly, haven't looked that much either.