Thursday, November 02, 2006

Mr. Jay ...

So for those of you who don't know (where have you been?) I really enjoy the show America's Next Top Model.
I was pretty excited that there was a Canada's Next Top Model, but it kind of didn't compare. Why? Well, first of all the host sucked.
As much as I may not be a big Tyra fan, she brings that crazy, tacky, wonderful psycho-babble appeal to the show. She makes me laugh. She says stupid things like "I love y'all" and makes the girls cry about how difficult it is to be beautiful.
Tricia Helfer. She did not compare. She was boring and had no character.
And, I stopped watching the show!!! (Okay, life was also insanely busy, but whatever).
Then yesterday it was announced that Mr. Jay (see picture above) is the new host of the show. I'M NOT KIDDING!!!
Not only is he my current celebrity crush, he's also just really really cool. Like, he has attitude and will totally rock as the judge of the show.
Actually, I think my hairstylist would totally be good on the show too, but that's beside the point.
I LOVE Mr. Jay.
Love him!
And, now he's hosting Canada's Next Top Model.
Yesterday I got several e-mails about this. Oh, and a BFAW posted about it on her blog - just for me!!!
So, I started to read a little more about it.
Turns out that, sadly, I am not eligible to be on the show.
Okay - so yeah, I'm not exactly model material. I'm about 10 inches too short (I'm 5'2 - though heels make me taller), I'm really much too chubby, and here's the worst part - I'M TOO OLD!! I know. Scary.
So, I will have to be content to sit at home and watch the show. And maybe write a few fan letters to the one and only Mr. Jay.
Is anyone out there on my bandwagon - or is it just me???


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