Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I love Halloween, and as these pictures seem to attest to, so does my adorable son!
For me, even though I work full time, Halloween is one of those days that is kind of sacred (ironic since it's a pagan holiday!).
Last year, when I went back to work, I decided that Halloween was my thing with Matt. In fact, the first vacation day I took from this job was to go trick-or-treating with my son.
We go to this annual event called Tots on Parade and all the kids dress in costume and walk along the street getting candy from all of the stores. It's cool because it's set up for toddlers and babies. Big kids (I'd guess age 5 and up) are all in school, so it's all little children. And, it's adorable.
We have always stuck around and gone to my mom's house after for lunch, hung out in the afternoon and then gone trick or treating in the neighbourhood in the evening.
This year was no different.
We started off our day extra early because we had to drop Mike off at work. And then Matt and I went to
park and grab a coffee where we met my mom and sister and niece

This is elephant Matty stopping to smell the flowers

My niece Paige came dressed as a sweet pea. It was adorable.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the elephant costume won after all. He looks really cute in it.

Amanda said...

love the costumes! very cute!