Friday, November 03, 2006

The Great Daycare Decision - Again!

Yet again we are making a daycare decision.
Since we are moving, we obviously need to move Matt to a different daycare. Initially we had planned to put him in his old daycare in Oakville. But, it's been kind of weird. The lady who runs that daycare doesn't return my calls that often. And, I got worried that there would be no spot for him.
So, I started looking around at other daycares in the area. As much as I loved the old daycare, the location is a little inconvenient, and in all honesty it's been about 8 months since he was there and so he won't remember anyone.
I got thinking that perhaps I should find a daycare that will be a feeder daycare to the school he will attend when he is in junior kindergarten.
So I started looking. And, shockingly I found a spot at a YMCA daycare. I've done enough research to know that this is a somewhat coveted spot, and it only opened up because a mom is going on mat leave. So ....
Today we went to check it out.
I have to admit, I really really like it.
I like the philosophy of play and learning. I like all the little extras like the fact that they have daily log books and that the daycare keeps scrapbooks of their work. I liked the daycare supervisor. I liked the other teachers. They were relaxed. And I liked the other kids. They said hi when we went in, and they were having fun. I also love that we can walk to the daycare from our house. Oh - and the price is awesome too!
So we're going for it. We are sending in our registration fee and we're going to enroll him at that daycare.
Maybe it's weird. But I feel like things are falling together. I said to Mike that sometimes I feel like things work out for a reason and this is just the case.
So, we'll see how it goes.
Since the other daycare hasn't called me back yet, I'm not going to say anything to them. There's definitely a spot there, so I'm going to leave it, and see what happens. Just in case this isn't as perfect as it seems.
Ahhhh ... decisions decisions.


Anonymous said...

have faith my dear friend...all will fall into place. you'll see. thank you for being a good commenter on my blog. and about the gym at lunch...too much $$ - but we could do lunchtime walks - that would be cool. luv me

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