Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Optimus Prime

We have had a blissful couple of Treehouse free evenings this week because as a family we decided to watch the Transformers movie.
I have to admit, I was a little skeptical when Mike picked it up. I mean, I knew he would love it for himself (since he played with transformers as a kid), but I wasn't sure if it would be too scary for Matthew.
The thing is, Matt is rather obsessed with Transformers these days and sleeps with his Optimus Prime Truck, so I figured we would turn it on and hope for the best. If it got scary we would turn it off.
I was shocked because it was actually a really funny, enjoyable and not too scary movie. I'm not sure I would recommend this to all parents of little kids. In fact this is not a movie I would let my Sound of Music loving nieces watch, but
since Matt knew about Transformers already, to me it was okay.
What I liked about it was that one of the key things about the good guys (the Autobots) is that they do not hurt humans. They say this many, many times. So, Matt knew they were nice to people.
And, throughout the movie you get a sense that things will turn out well. Really, Matt kept saying "I'm not scared. The good guys will save the day."
Not to ruin for anyone, but yes, of course the good guys save the day.
There were some touch and go moments like when Matthew's favourite character, Bumblebee, almost died twice. We kept having to say "Bumblebee is okay" and thank goodness Bumblebee was okay. I'm not sure I could have explained the whole idea of sacrificing himself for the greater cause. Besides, by the end I really liked Bumblebee too.
And, the movie is FUNNY! When the Transformers start talking using the English they learned on the Internet it's pretty funny.
Okay, so maybe this isn't everyone's taste in movies, but I loved it! And so did Matt. And, really, a 2-day reprieve from Max and Ruby, Timothy and Little Bear is sooooo worth it!

Bumblebee the Car ...

Bumblebee The Transformer


LoriD said...

We will definitely check that out - sounds like something my kids would love. Some others they like (which don't totally suck for us):

Night at the Museum
Sharkboy and Lava Girl
Spy Kids

Also - I'm sending you and email to your gmail account.

AndreAnna said...

Still haven't seen it yet - it's on my list!

Kristen said...

I loved this movie too. We are mean parents and went to see it in the theatre with out any of the kids. (had to preview it;)
Apparently my 3 year old wasn't scared either, since he watched it with his big brothers.

Anonymous said...

My Hubby took my son to see it in the theatre and LOVED it. We, too, were concerned, but it has been SUCH a big hit here at home, and we let Pumpkin see the previews online.

Good call. Now I think someone here will probably get that movie for

Steph said...

I loved it too! I'm a girl obviously so I figured I'd hate it but it was fun!

SciFi Dad said...

Despite the fact that Bumblebee was a Camaro and not a VW Beetle, I still enjoyed this movie (went to see it while my girls were up at the cottage this summer).

Oh, and just to make Mike drool: I'm waiting for my copy to arrive via a friend in the US... Target edition, where the box transforms into Optimus Prime!