Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Highs and Lows of Pumpkins and Doctors

Today I was standing on the train platform with my brother-in-law (who has been car-less this week) and I told him I had a feeling it was going to be a weird day.
Boy was I right.
My day started with an early morning meeting about our intranet for which I am the webmaster - stop laughing. It's true. So, I basically sat in a meeting where our consultants and one of our IT people tried to explain to me the difference in analytical software while I looked at my manager and occasionally nodded and acted like I understood.
And then the meeting was interrupted by my cell phone ringing. It was security - telling me that the day's entertainment had arrived. Ohhhh boy!
Want to know how I spent my morning? I escorted a strolling pumpkin around my office. Together with one of my colleagues, I donned black clothing, an orange boa, hundreds of pieces of halloween candy and went to every.single.desk in my office handing out candy and Hallowe'en cheer. This involved not only walking up and down floors in our building but walking through the underground path to another building and handing out candy to a much less receptive, yet still eager for chocolate group.
It was quite a day!
The good news is that I put a lot of faces to names.
When you're in a company of about 400 people you often hear people's names or see them on e-mail, but you don't know who they are. So, it was fun. Plus, walking around with candy makes you instantly popular.
But, there were a few things I observed today.
1) When random strangers see a pumpkin strolling in the lobby of a famous Toronto Hotel (the Royal York) they don't look twice. However when they see 2 women wearing orange boas and carrying candy they take a second look.
2) When a pumpkin mascot talks to random strangers in coffee shops, they talk back. We stood in line waiting for coffee for about 5 minutes, and our mascot struck up a conversation with the man behind her in line. He had a completely serious discussion with her about how using compost material to grow pumpkins they get huge. He told a story about a 250 lb pumpkin. The best response ever was when she said "clearly I was not grown in compost." (maybe you had to be there)
3) There are a shocking number of people who do not say thank you when given candy.
4) There are just as many people who are willing to give you money for candy even when you aren't asking.
5) Women dressed as pumpkins can say things to senior staff that most people could never get away with.

All in all, my day was hysterical. Pictures to come ... tomorrow.

And, once our pumpkin left I checked my messages. I received an urgent message from my OB's receptionist asking if I could possibly come for my appointment today instead of tomorrow due to scheduling issues.
Of course I did.
One of the perks of handing out halloween candy was that I was allowed to eat as much as I wanted. I had weighed myself this morning. I then got weighed at the OB's office (where the scale weighs me about half a pound less than my home scale.) I weighed 2.5 lbs more than I did several hours before.
Holy cow!
Anyway, the appointment went well. I heard the heartbeat. We decided that I was going to have a c-section for sure. I was told I need to eat more red meat. All is good. Well, except that the OB thinks I'm at risk for pre-natal depression so I have to go to a life cycles stages clinic (or something like that - it's a nice way to say psychiatrist) because she feels that my exhasution and anxiety is more depression related than hormone related.
I thought I was pretty upbeat today. But, apparently she's worried. I think it was maybe my obsessive questions about birth and the what ifs and if she could please put on my file no forceps. But, she also said she wants me to meet the staff before I have my baby because I will meet with them for post-partum depression while I'm still in the hospital (probably).
Anyway - this isn't something to be worried about. I think we're being pro-active here. I also think I have a doctor who sees through my "life is great" facade and that's probably good.
But, I'm also not willing to let depression take over.
Too bad I can't run. Because running was the one thing that allowed me to chase any sad feelings away.
But, the good news is that I got my ultrasound requisition.Three weeks till I know the gender. I Can't wait!!!!


AndreAnna said...

Ohhh, three weeks is gonna kill me!! I want to know NOW! I am glad you and your doctor are being proactive with pre/post natal depression.

And the pumpkin compost comment is hysterical!

Can't wait to see the pics.

Steph said...

Bring on the pictures! Thanks for sharing your experience with your doctor today. Glad to hear you're taking care!

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Can't wait to see the photos!

Sounds like an exciting day :)

You have learned so much from your last pregnancy and experience that I am confident you will be just fine this time around--so much more knowledgable about everything and most importantly, yourself and what to watch for!

MandyPoo said...

lol - if I had unlimited access to Halloween candy, I would be humongous right now...

LoriD said...

I wish a pumpkin would visit me with chocolate. That's funny that they tried to give you money!

Lettuce said...

No forceps - good call. They almost took out my eye when they were pulling me out! And I still have a perma-dent/scar next to my eye. You'll have to look for it next time I see you!