Saturday, October 27, 2007

Almost too embarrassing to admit ...

I'm going to admit to something I tell very few people. Don't judge me - we all have secrets.
Here's mine.
I like prunes! (not the stewed kind - that's just gross)
I know. It's embarrassing. I blame it on my mother who gave us prunes as a treat. I do the same with my son. He cannot get enough prunes. In fact, if I buy them I hide them or else he would eat them non-stop. And we all know what would happen.
But here's the problem. The grocery store by my house, the one where we do most of our shopping, is a very popular place. I often bump into friends or family. And I have gotten to know several of the cashiers.
And I know that people cart snoop. I'll admit - I do it. It's fascinating to see what people put in their carts. So, I always make a point of buying non-embarrassing items. Feminine products are purchased at the drug store. Cans of tuna are buried at the bottom of my cart.
And I would never think to purchase prunes.
Luckily today I went to bulk barn while Mike and Matt were in another store.
I looked around the store, noticed no one familiar and seized my opportunity. I went to the gigantic prune bin at the back of the store and started scooping. I was interrupted by a man in his early 50's laughing at me. Seriously. Laughing.
"Ha ha ha. I knew I forgot something," he said, pointing at the prunes. At first I thought he was serious. Then he kept laughing. And added "what does a young on like you need with prunes?"
I had no answer.
He walked away. I almost died. Who says stuff like that? Really. And, then I found it hysterical. And could not stop giggling. I should have worn a disguise.
When we got in the van I told Mike the story. He hates prunes, and he thinks that the fact we buy them is really weird - and gross. I asked him if he would be embarrassed buying prunes at the store. Apparently not. As long as he doesn't have to eat them he has no problem buying them.
I think Mikey just got himself a new job.


AndreAnna said...

I love prunes!! I buy them in bulk at the farm market by us! Mike doesn't like them either but they're so sweet and tasty and a healthy snack!

And what's wrong with tuna in a can?1?

Redneck Mommy said...


Worse than beets and parsnips.

Enjoy them. Cuz I won't.

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

You're hilarious!!!

I like prunes too, but dried apricots are my fav! The bunny didn't use to mind them, but I can't convince her now!

What's wrong with tuna though? I personally hate it, but why would you be embarrassed to buy tuna????

Steph said...

What's wrong with tuna? The single serve flavoured ones in the tiny cans are yummy!

Laural Dawn said...

I guess there's nothing really wrong with tuna. I just feel like a crazy lady when I stock up on cans of tuna. I think it also has something to do with the fact that in elementary school if people brought tuna sandwiches they were totally made fun of!

lettuce said...

Ok, I have something worse than tuna. Canned chicken. I like the idea of tuna but don't like the fishy smell/taste so I elect canned chicken instead. Yummy!!

MandyPoo said...

Ewww - prunes! Actually, I've never actually tried them but they look and sound disgusting!

LoriD said...

Ha! Hiding your prune habit. Too funny.

chantels said...

I'm proud of you - they're so good for you and it takes guts to buy them. But just think how happy you'll be when you live forever and never get cancer! It's totally worth it. Maybe you could start a side business where you ship prunes to other people who also can't bring themselves to buy them. Like online prune shopping.

Karen MEG said...

You are too cute, although I must admit, when I think of prunes, I think of my Grandma! That would so happen to me.
It's important to stay regular though, it's a good thing ;)

Marla said...

Sorry, I'm in the "Ew, prunes" camp. It's just that I was forced to drink prune juice or eat them if my mom ever suspected me of being...not regular...down there...and so for me they're more like a punishment. They were sufficient inducement for my first lie "I pooped today, Mommy. I did. I DID!" and now I can never get over that association (get it? ASSociation?)

oh darn it...see why I don't comment more often? THIS is what I do. Sorry.

Urban Daddy said...


I love prunes too.

I usually buy them at Shoppers Drug Mart. I'm sure if I was questioned I'd comment that I was buying them for my kids. LOL... Or my wife. LOL