Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Dinner At My House

Anyone curious about dinner tonight?
No? Well you should be.
Mike is eating some sort of spicy Vietnamese Beef stir fry thing and mashed potatoes and rice. All purchased from the takeout counter at the grocery store.
Matthew is eating a candy apple.
At least part of it is healthy. He is very sticky and covered in red candy goo. I doubt he'll eat anything else. It's a huge candy apple. Again, there is some nutritional content.
And me?
I'm trying not to look at the food in front of me. I'm debating making some soup, but I think that may just kill me.
Is there such a thing as "evening sickness". Can I take diclectin at night? I'm asking my ob on Friday.
Thank God tomorrow is crock pot Thursday. If it weren't for my sister I don't think I would eat healthy any night at all.


AndreAnna said...

All of my "morning sickness" happened at night! Usually from about 4-8 pm! Was awful!

The only thing I could stomach was Peanut butter on white bread.

Feel better soon! And, hey, at least it's an apple. My kid ate tartar sauce for dinner - she didn't want this fish tonight, though she ate like 4 pieces two nights ago, Kids are weird.

Lisa b said...

you can take up to 8 a day

I had it worst at night both pregnancies. I think fatigue makes it worse.

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Ok, crockpot Thursday happens every week at your house? You have one awesome sister!!!

I had afternoon morning sickness with the bunny, I think it totally can happen anytime during the day/night!

LoriD said...

Yep - I only ever felt sick in the evening when pregnant.Don't know about the diclectin - luckily I was never that sick,

Yeah for crock pot Thursdays! Maybe you could send out a reminder next Wednesday, because I now feel jealous that my crock pot is sitting in the cupboard, sad and empty. :-p