Thursday, June 21, 2007

Water for Elephants ... My Thoughts

Last week I wrote about any amazing book that I enjoyed. I'm not sure if it was a book review exactly, but i enjoyed it any wrote about it. Since then I've received some comments and emails suggesting that i should do this more often. And since i read a lot, i thought that is a great idea.
When i finished stuck in downward dog i started reading Leah Maclaren's book "The Continuity Girl". It sounded really good, but I could not get into it. At all.
My salvation from that drudgery came in the book "Water for Elephants" by Sara Cruen. One of my colleagues and I have discussed books at length. We disagree on several, however when she told me she enjoys Rebecca Eckler's writing, we figured a common ground could be found.
Enter her suggestion - Water for Elephants.
This book is not my typical read. It was dark and mostly humourless. It is haunting and chilling.
The story is about a young man who goes and joins a circus after his parents die suddenly. It tells of the circus life.
The book goes back and forth between a man in his nineties and a boy in his early twenties.
There were parts of the book I could barely stomach - stories of horrid abuse both to animals and people. There were sections where, if it were a movie, I would have looked away.
But the book is gripping. There were times i couldn't put it down. And the ending ...
The book is worth it for the ending, if nothing else.
I wouldn't say it was my favourite book ever. But i thoroughly enjoyed it, and it will haunt me for weeks to come.


The next book I'm reading is written by a comedienne. Check back soon - it looks like a good one!!


MamaLee said...

I'm still impressed that you find time to read! Awesome, girlfriend!

infectiouslaughter said...

I couldn't get into Leah Mclarens book either. It was disappointing.