Sunday, June 17, 2007


It's father's day today. It's been a beautiful day. We went to brunch, we went shopping, we came home and set up an inflatable pool and enjoyed the sunny day.
A little later one of Mike's closest friends came over. They have gone off to the driving range. Matthew and I stayed home to make dinner, relax, and give Mike some time off.
Because it's Father's Day, and I wanted to make an authentic Father's Day meal I decided on homemade macaroni and potato salad.
So, I put 2 pots on the stove to boil.
We had a glass casserole dish sitting on the stove. I put our kettle on top of it to make some space. I put my pots of water on to boil.
I turned the wrong burner on.
I wasn't watching the stove. It takes a couple of minutes for the water to boil so I was cleaning off our dining room table.
And then I heard an explosion. It was so loud. I can't describe it.
The glass casserole dish exploded.
When I say exploded, I mean glass was everywhere.
Thank God - I had just turned on Treehouse and that Matthew was watching it far away from the kitchen
Thank God - I was in the dining room and didn't check when I was about to. If I had checked 5 seconds earlier I would have been attacked by spraying glass.
Thank God - that the cats were not around. Matthew had left his cup of slurpee drink on the stairs (even though I had told him not to) and Rosie Rose Petal was attempting to drink from his straw.
The kitchen's a mess. I have shards of glass in my feet from running into the kitchen, but really - could have been so much worse.
So grateful today. My heart is still pounding though.


SciFi Dad said...

Yikes! Glass can burst like that... it happened to me once (although thankfully in the oven, so only dinner was ruined and I lost some time to cleanup).

I'm glad you're all OK.

LoriD said...

It could have been so much worse. Glad everyone is okay. I accidentally set a dish towel on fire in the kitchen and it melted the edge of the TV that was on the counter. All three kids were in the kitchen at the time, so I understand that poundeing heart feeling.

Haley-O said...

Omigosh! That's frightening! SO glad you're okay! I hope you find calm again soon! ((hugs))

AndreAnna said...

Holy crow. I would have peed myself, then hyperventilated. Glad all is well and it wasn't worse.