Saturday, June 23, 2007

Another Year ... Another Ballet Recital!!!!

Last night I went to my niece's second ballet recital. Again I attended as the proud aunt.
Because I'm not involved in the ballet world, I don't take her to lessons (though I've been and loved it), don't know all the parents, etc, to me a ballet recital is the coolest thing in the world. I love watching my niece dance. I couldn't be prouder.
The school she goes to is really well organized in the show. They have tons of classes to get onstage, and they do it really quickly. I actually sat back and thoroughly enjoyed the show. They mixed it so that you would get a baby ballet class (adorable) followed by an older class, and then they would throw in a seasoned dancer. I love the way they lay it out. You not only get an idea of all the classes, but you don't get bored watching all of one level at a time.
Of course Kyla's routine was the best. Her outfit was adorable and she was totally excited to be going onstage.
(Soooo cute! Thanks, Ali, for the tip to smuggle a camera in!)

It was amazing for me to watch her this year compared to last year. A year makes a huge difference. She followed along better, they did more complicated stuff. It was pretty cute.
It's also hilarious to watch the teachers. Kyla's teachers (Miss Marlene and Miss Rebecca) are onstage with the younger groups, and they are fun to watch. They totally get into it. It's worth going to the show just to watch them.
And, the other funny thing is watching all the little dancers in the audience. They get into the show completely. They twirl in their seats, and bop along to the music. LOVE it. They had a little boys hip hop class. I think when Matt is older I'll put him in.
ENjoy the pictures!!!My sister, her husband and Kyla

My parents and Kyla - click to enlarge - Kyla and my dad have the funniest expressions


AndreAnna said...

Oooh, I can't wait for my little girl to have dance recitals (I guess I've got awhile since she's only 13 months) - I love them too!! She's too cute.

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ali said...

so cute!
she's adorable!