Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Bra Adventures in Buffalo

I will be the first person to tell you that I have big boobs. Not gigantic, freakish or Dolly Partonesque. Just big.
Here's the problem with breasts larger than a C cup - it's impossible to buy a strapless bra. And, given that all of the dresses out there that are made for women under the age of 80 require a strapless bra, I've been completely and utterly frustrated.
Here's the problem. My cousin is getting married in a couple of weeks (tee hee - Lisa did I just stress you out?) and while she is worrying about all of the last minute details, I'm worrying about what to wear.
I do have clothes I could wear. The problem is, all of my pre-pregnancy clothes, though I can at least squeeze into all of them, don't necessarily suit my body. Like I had this favourite blue dress that looked amazing and hugged all of the right curves. I can still do it up - it just doesn't look so right anymore.
I have clothes I wore post pregnancy, but they are huge.
And, who am I to turn down the opportunity to do a little shopping for a good cause.
But ... it's frustrating. All of the dresses this season are either strapless, spaghetti strapped or empire waisted. The empire waist does not flatter me, generally speaking. the empire waist held up by a stapless top is downright scary.
Basically, dresses this season are made for small boobed women. Seriously. I've worked my butt off to get into a smaller size, and now I have to go up to the largest size possible to squeeze my boobs in.
The good news is that having lost weight my breasts actually fit into the largest size - where as last year they would not have.
But, I still needed a strapless bra.
And, finding the perfect strapless bra is about 50 times harder than finding the perfect dress. It seems Canada does not sell bras, without straps, in anything larger than a c cup.
So last night we hopped in the car to go to Buffalo.
I had my sights set on Victoria's Secret. We got to Walden Galleria in record time, and made a beeline for V.S. (after we went to the toystore). Guess what? It was closed for some super sale. I almost cracked.
But, no, we went to Fredericks of Hollywood. I thought this store was only known for crotchless panties. But, no ... it's also known for bras made to fit women with implants. (the lady told me this). I don't have implants, but DD is a very typical implant size thanks to Pamela Anderson.
Anyway ...
They had strapless bras (see the extreme cleavage push-up) IN MY SIZE!!! It was a moment of pure excitement. I had choices. There was the strapless push up, the strapless non-push up. There were colour choices. I was in heaven. The sales lady was amazing. She confirmed my size, consluted on design, and brought me tons of stuff. And, not only did they have what I wanted. It was all on sale.
I ended up with 4 bras - 2 strapless, 2 normal (which are convertible).
I almost hugged the woman - and she told me that she gets this response from many Canadians - due to the lack of strapless bras.
Our evening was complete when we went to the Cheesecake Factory, where we had the yummiest dinner ever (though seriously, I ate a third of mine - and Mike ate half of his) and a waitress came over to tell us how adorable and well behaved our child was. Seriously. It was shocking!!!!
When we drove across the border we got stopped by customs. I knew we would, but I was not about to lie about my purchases because it would have been ridiculous. They inspected our entire car (which is a pretty scary thing), and then sent us on our way without making us pay anything.
Pretty sweet.
I love adventures like that!!!!


LoriD said...

I had no idea that bra shopping was so difficult for the ample-bosomed. Sadly, unless I go the Pamela Anderson route, that will never be a problem for me.

Amy said...

Hey Laural,

I know exactly what you mean and I was almost in tears trying on dresses a week or so ago for the exact same reason, nothing fits over my chest either! Sooooooo frustrating!!!!

Good to know and I may drag the hubby to VS too, the Semi-Annual sale is on :)

AndreAnna said...

I have the same problem but in the opposite direction. My already small boobs further deflated after my pregnancy, and despite still being in my 20s, I swear they have gone south for the permanent winter. I am not small in any other area, so finding a good size around, but with a small cup size brings me to tears everytime I need one.

Not to mention, they are hideously uncomfortable no matter what size the ta-tas. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Omg, I SO understand the plight of the boob.

I am the same size, and although I am in America, it's still hard to find bras to actually fit and flatter when you are ample.

I'm in the process of getting my passport so I can go to Canada in a few weeks - what a PITA. But next time you are US, let us meet up at the bra store! LOL

Glad you found some great bras!

Mom Tu-Tu said...
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Mom Tu-Tu said...

I hate to say it but the dresses this season aren't made for the small boobed woman either! I have a terrible time finding something small enough to fit the top that doesn't make my hips look gigantic!

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Bra adventures that actually end in purchasing a bra (or more) and being happy are always a good thing!
How long did that trip take you? Seriously?!

infectiouslaughter said...

I'm dress shopping for a few weddings this summer too. It's been awful!! Though there are a lot of cute dresses out this season, they only seem to look good on the rack. I've been wondering, is it acceptable to wear pants to a wedding? I'm afraid this might be the alternative. :(

Laural Dawn said...

I don't see why you can't wear pants to a wedding. I mean, guys do!!! Seriously, though. I think that if they are nice pants, or a pant suit or something why not?
I find it really hard to get dress pants - skirts seem much easier.

Ruthie said...

I can relate to your struggle. It's a constant battle to find bras in the right size that actually keep them... up. Where they belong.

VS has a great one that worked really well for me-- I'll look it up if you're interested.