Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Girl's Night Out with my Niece

Tonight I went shoe shopping with my adorable, soon-to-be-5 niece Kyla.
When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday (July 1) she told me without hesitation pink, non-Mary Jane crocs.
Kyla is a very smart child. At the age of five she knows how to wrap me around her baby finger. She also knows that the way to my heart is through shoe shopping.
We went to the mall with a mission - to get crocs. We started off with a smoothie (for energy) and popcorn. I should point out that we would have gotten ice cream, but I had already been forbidden so we went with popcorn.
Once we were satisfied with all of that we went and got crocs. Choosing the crocs was the easy part - choosing the charms was not. She found 4 princesses, and I told her she could choose 2. I think she chose Belle and Cinderella. And then I decided to secretly buy the other two. But, apparently my tricky hiding the charms from Kyla looked like I was shop lifiting.
Once I cleared that up ...
We decided to go to Winners. Between us we tried on about 30 pairs of shoes. Kyla has mastered walking in heels of any size. We found some adorable high heel slides for her - but they were $25, and I was pretty sure that she would kill herself. But, I was impressed by her fashion sense. And, then we spotted some knock-off ballet flat crocs in hot pink. IN HER SIZE. How could we turn that down. They were too cute. So, then we decided she would wear those home and I will wrap the crocs for her birthday.
Of course, throughout the night we had lots of girl talk, some serious discussions about how you can not like the colour black or white but still have clothes with black and white in them. Seriousl business I tell you.
To top the night off I thought we should go to one of those photo booths. However, Kyla said to me "Aunt Laural, we can't do everything you want to do in one night. We need to save that for another day."
It would seem I've been told.
So, no pictures, but it was a fun night.


Anonymous said...

yup. I got a Princess JUST like your niece!

LMAO Glad it was fun!

Princess always wants to be a "vision in pink!"

Haley-O said...

Glad you had so much fun! BUT, I WANT PICS!!!! ;)

infectiouslaughter said...

Cute Story!!

Got My Kids Mississauga said...

Dang it all I have nephews! My sister does have a step daughter but I rarely get to see her. I would LOVE to do some shopping with her though. Wish we lived closer to eac other.

I'm going to keep my eye out for those knock off ballet crocs, the sound great!