Friday, April 20, 2007

The Unexpected

“Surprise is the greatest gift which life can grant us.”

Boris Pasternak

In the last little while tons of unexpected things have happened. Not huge things that have been life changing, just little unexpected things that make life good.

Take for instance yesterday. I was sitting at my desk, and it was a pretty quiet day when my phone rang. It was one of my cousins who I don't see very often. She was in town for an interview and wondered if I had time for a quick coffee. I did. We sipped lattes and chatted. It was nice. We've never done that.
If you had asked me on Monday who I'd have coffee with that week, my cousin Emily would never have come to mind.

And then yesterday I got an e-mail from a friend I haven't seen in ages. The last time I saw her I don't think I was even pregnant with Matt. We just lost contact. Things kind of got in the way. It happens. And, then she sent me an e-mail. Not a two line e-mail, but a long, fullsome talkative e-mail that made me miss our friendship. This too, was totally unexpected. But wonderful.

But there's more. So much lately is unexpected. Matthew is changing so much. I never know what he's going to say. Sometimes he says things that make Mike and I laugh. Funny out of the blue stuff like "time for bed I see the moon" or "I'm a machine. I have no nose."
But there's the other unexpected stuff too - the stuff that is super sweet and makes me really smile. Like on Wednesday when I turned on America's Next Top Model, and Matty got excited and decided he was going to snuggle up on the couch and watch it with me while eating popcorn (and wisely said to his dad "Daddy, I love you please get me popcorn"). Or, last night, when we were snuggling and he kept asking if we were friends. And, I kept saying yes, we're friends and then he finally said "that's good, Mommy, because I love you very much."
Unexpected. But so wonderful.

Sometimes life is good. (or, ya know, Wonderful!)

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