Sunday, April 15, 2007

Good Call, Daddio

Matty has this new habit of standing on his chair saying stuff.
If he has a point to prove he gets up on his podium and starts talking. It's hilarious.
"stomping is my favourite" he'll say as he stands on his chair and says what he wants to say.
We never know quite what he'll say. For instance he may stand on his chair to proclaim
"I HATE bathtime." (which he doesn't really)
Or sometimes he'll just say random things. These random things range from telling us which direction the rabbit hole is in (?), asking where his Bobo stick is (again ?)or he will do his favourite thing of all time which is to announce to us "Ladies and Gentlemen, for the first time in Piston Cup History ..."
We don't really know where all of this came from.
And he has learned that if he has really ticked us off or has pushed us right to our limit, all he has to do is jump up on his little chair and say something extra cute and we will likely cave and not give him that promised time out.
It is really hard to put a child in time out when you are doubled over laughing.
It really is hilarious.
So tonight to prove his point Matt started jumping on the chair.
He was making a very bizarre point about how he wanted to eat more pam for dinner. We were not giving this to him, because we had no idea what he wanted.
So he started to jump - ON HIS CHAIR!
So Mike says to him "How high can you jump, Matt?"
Apparently high. So high that the chair went flying as did Matt.
Luckily Mike caught him. I was doubled over laughing.
And then for the next 5 minutes Matt decided to test his jumping ability from chair to daddy, chair to couch, chair and back.
Good call, Daddio. Good call!

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SciFi Dad said...

no matter what, this can't end well...