Monday, April 16, 2007

In My Defense ...

Friday was quite a day. Here. On my blog.
It all started innocently. I met Rebecca Eckler. I thought it was amazing. (I still do) I decided to blog about it.
Part of the evening that I didn't blog about (thank goodness) was the part where I was asked if I would be interested in writing a book review of Wiped! Of course I said yes. But in fairness, I have written book reviews before. (My background pre-baby was journalism).
So ... Here's' where all the meanness came from.
When I was looking online at book reviews I came upon a "satire site" that made fun of Eckler's work. And I have to admit I read a few posts. In one of the posts the writer made fun of me for being a positive commenter on ninepounddictator.
I know I should have ignored it. But, it was not fair to me. Yes, I really like her, and yes I pretty much always comment on her blog. And, yes it is always positive. But that is because she is a good writer. Her blogs, like a lot of her other writing, make me laugh. Nothing makes my day quite like going on to her site and seeing a new post. And I, as a reader, have the right to say that. I never went out of my way to be a "super fan" so when someone made fun of me, and did the unimaginable - spelled my name incorrectly on their blog, on purpose, I felt the need to tell that person off. The only problem is that that person then totally made fun of me.
Okay. It was funny.
If you knew me in person it would be even funnier because I do get a little over excited about life sometimes. I am always at the brink of my emotions, I do get called (gasp) a drama queen occassionally.
But, just to clarify ...
I am a reader who likes Rebecca's work. I will 100% defend my choice to read her work. Just like I will defend my choice to read Ondaatje, Atwood and Kinsella. Yes. They are all different. But, I like them all.
I mean, seriously, Shakespeare was controversial in his time. And, yes, I am comparing her to the Bard. Why not. He makes me laugh. She makes me laugh. There are similarities. (I kindly put a link for those of you who may be here from said "satire" site who may never heard of William Shakespeare.)
I am not Rebecca's publicist. I'm not defending her work. Or her. She has survived her entire life without me defending her. That is not me being critical. It is me being fair. It is her book. She is the one who made the decision to say what she did - and I will wager a guess that she thought long and hard about using the word bitch to describe her daughter, and the context in which she used it. I don't know her - its not my place.
But what I will say is this. I've been called stupid, pitiful and uneducated. I am none of those.
Life is not about everyone agreeing about everything. As I said in the comments before, Rebecca walks a fine line. Some people think that she crosses that line. I don't. You're entitled to you opinion (and to those of you who shared it nicely - thank you)
Yes, her writing did make a huge impact on my life. She was the first author who said it was okay sometimes to be myself first and a mother second.
And, that's a lesson I will always appreciate.


A previous anonymous said...

Good point, LD. For sure, you're entitled to read what ever you like - hell, I read Eckler for fun, in the same way I listen to Howard Stern for fun. But I honestly think she's a wretched person - or else she's impersonating one brilliantly. And you're clearly not a wretched person. So I don't get the admiration.

But, YMMV. Write your own book some time - I'd love to read an irreverent take on motherhood by someone who I actually consider to be a good mother.

Her Bad Mother said...

You go, Laural. Perfectly said.