Sunday, March 18, 2007

Top of the Mornin' To Ya!

St. Patrick's Day is kind of big deal in our family since my grandmother (who has passed away) loved this holiday. It was the day she always celebrated her Irish roots - she was a feisty red head who loved her Shamrocks (in fact, before she died she gave me her beloved shamrock ring).
So, Nana, Cheers!!!
The St. Paddy's celebrations continue to your great-grandchildren!!!

See how Irish my sister looks. Her un-Irish looking baby is compensating by wearing Shamrocks on her head.

Steve, my brother-in-law, combines his love of St. Paddy's Day with his love of Star Trek. Steve, you're sooooo cool.

Of course I got into the spirit as the Shamrock headband made the rounds. The only green thing I had was a tank top. Brrrrrr. Paige already thinks I'm crazy and she's not even 2. Oh dear (I love her expression here!)

Paige wanted to try the green beer. Yum yum.

Yummmm ... green beer.

Kyla and Matt were delighted to clink their own "green beer" (it was green juice) Wisely we provided them with plastic cups.

This picture is in honour of
Multi-Tasking Mommy who always has pictures of her festive foods on her blog. I was inspired to make something green. So I came up with this jello pie. It was a little weird. But ... so is drinking green beer.

I know, I look like I had way too much green beer! (okay, it was maybe a little too much beer the night before - love the Irish pubs with friends). It's our group shot. Minus Mike who was taking pictures.
Finally, Miss Kyla, the princess. The words are spelled out in green shamrocks. Too cute!

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Haley-O said...

Oy! I missed this post! LOVE all the pics, LD! You're SO adorable! :) As are all the kiddies!!!