Friday, March 23, 2007

Real Moms ... Can Laugh

Today I got tagged by the wonderful Haley. And, this is a great Meme. The point of it is that you are supposed to answer the question Real Moms ... then explain it and add a picture. I'll tag people at the end. So ...

Real Moms ... Can Laugh! They know that being ridiculous and silly and not taking yourself too seriously works.
You think I'm kidding? Clearly you have not heard my Harold the Helicopter impression, haven't watched my lame attempts at bellydancing or caught me playing with some of the cooler McDonald's Happy Meal toys.
I took the whole parenting thing very seriously for about 3 months. There was no laughing till I cried. I was totally serious and focussed on nursing and nutrition and all of that. And, then my friends got me to smile, and eventually laugh. I'll never forget Salina putting her teeny tiny newborn in the puppet theatre while the serious moms watched in horror (she was supporting his head). I'll never forget Ginny's wheel falling off her stroller on our walk home from the grocery store with 3 kids and tons of groceries. (It wasn't funny at the time)
As Matt has gotten older I've learned that really it's a million times easier to laugh over spilled milk or giggle at a silly temper tantrum. It's more fun to run around playing tag with the toddlers instead of standing on the sidelines with the cooler parents. I've learned that there's nothing quite like laughing hysterically with your toddler over a dumb joke. And I can't tell you you the enjoyment I get when Matt says something ridiculous and my husband and I laugh about it for days. (like yesterday he told us that for lunch he had macaroni, french fries and monkeys. Monkeys??? )
I'm quickly learning that sometimes when you can't change your situation and it seems a little dire - that you may as well put a positive spin on it because being mad won't fix a situation. We've all heard the saying "Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry alone".
Life isn't easy. Parenting often sucks. Babies and toddlers take it out of you.
But, from me to you, here's permission to be silly.
Go ahead, do your best Dora impression (even if people stare), laugh at a silly joke, make up some gibberish just for fun and see what happens. You never know. You may just start laughing too.
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