Sunday, July 30, 2006

Happy 30th Becky!

Yesterday I had a semi-surprise birthday party for me sister.
For thse who don't know her, she is my complete opposite. We are 20 months apart, and as different as you could imagine. Where I am chubby, dark haired and very talkative, my sister is skinny, has curly red hair and is reserved.
So, when planning a birthday for her I had to do the complete opposite of what I would want, while still making sure that it was something that had my signature on it.
So ...
Yesterday I invited her 4 closest friends over and we had an in-home spa pedicure party.
It was a ton of fun.
What I told her was that there was nothing to be stressed about, to wear jeans, be relaxed and look forward to a good day. I didn't tell her who I was inviting, so when she came in she was surprised by who was there. It had taken a bit of advance planning because everyone there has kids under the age of 4 (Kyla, Becky's daughter is the oldest and she just turned 4), and we all had to get our husbands to babysit on a Saturday.
But, we pulled it off.
And, for just over 4 hours we sat around sipping coffee, eating junk food and being pampered. It was a pretty fun way to welcome in the next decade of my sister's life.
Plus, we all kind of needed it. I really think there's nothing better than sitting with a group of friends and just chatting about what's going on in life - to share the highlights and the lowlights, to get advice and share advice. We talked about everything from biting to husbands to kids to movies.
As far as the actual pedicure thing. That, too, is a cool story. The woman who arranged it all has an 18 month old, and she runs this business out of her home because she wants to spend more time with her daughter. I found her through a web site about mom businesses, and to me it seemed perfect to get someone who also was a mom. You know - my issue - support other moms as much as possible.
Not only was she really cool and friendly, but she also added to the conversation. Actually, I will put a link to her site because she was good, and she had great prices and really nice - I would totally use her again.
Happy birthday Becky!

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Ginny said...

Sounds like a wonderful day, I'm so jealous!! Give my birthday wishes to Becky!!