Monday, July 31, 2006

Just for the week ... I want to be Matty!

I've decided that as of this morning I want my son's life this week.
I know you think I'm kidding, but I'm not.
Since the daycare is closed we are in Oakville, and this is the week that Matthew is spending with my parents' teenage neighbour. Last night she and her mom came over to chat, to ask some questions about Matt's schedule, and to make sure that certain things were okay.
The conversation was a little along the lines of this.
Babysitter: Does Matty nap?
Laural: Only if he feels like it. If you think he needs a nap and he'll sleep, sure. Maybe he'll just want to hang out with a bottle and watch tv and that's cool. Up to you. (he hasn't really been napping consistently, why force it)
Babysitter: What does he eat
Laural: We have tons of stuff here - there's Kraft Dinner, etc that he can eat. He may only want fruit or chips. If you're happy and he's happy we're happy. So, whatever. If you want to eat at your house, he'll eat whatever.
Babysitter's mom: Can we have the car seat and take him swimming
Laural: Yes, here's his life jacket and swim diapers. Have fun.

Seriously, this week it's a week of fun. Not only does Matty love the people who are watching him (officially the teenager, but her mom is involved, and her 10 year old sister actually plays with him. Like, she takes him down slides, does underdoggies, etc.) but he's doing tons of fun stuff. Since the babysitter is next door he gets to sleep in. We bought all the yummy food he likes, he gets to go places in a van (which to him is incredibly exciting).
And, to think that I was worried about this week. Really, I just want to be him.

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Heather said...

The highlight of your week should be the fact, that someone else is watching your child during this incribible heat wave. I find heat + child = tired mamma.