Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Different babysitter - Day 1

Yesterday was day one of our teenage babysitter.
Why didn't I do this earlier? Seriously, after one day Mike and I decided that we most certainly are going to use babysitters more often. Why?
Okay - first of all, and most importantly, Matthew was happy.
Not that we knew that when we came home because he was asleep. He was curled up comfortably on the couch, sound asleep, listening to MuchMusic. I suppose some people may not enjoy the MuchMusic background, but seriously, in raising a child who is cool and fits in music appreciation is key, and quite honestly all he ever watches with us is Treehouse. Is it possible that she changed the channel after he fell asleep? Perhaps. But, I really get the impression that he was happy to watch her shows. (I shall now attempt to tell him we are watching "Erin's show" and turn on Much and see if that works.)
The other funny thing - he became addicted to the word "awesome" - he even had the tone of the word down. Adorable.
So, we made him corn last night and he sat eating it and said "Yummy corn is AWESOME".
Hilarious. He then proceeded to tell us everything else that was awesome.
And, on top of the fact that he was entertained, exhausted and saying new words, our house was clean! Seriously, she made his lunch and then she cleaned the whole kitchen and ran the dishwasher and then put everything away.
We were shocked.
I left her a note today to say how Matt was great and give her some cash for ice cream or something (I sort of forgot yesterday to do that - oops). I debated mentioning that there was no need to do dishes. But I thought better of it. I also thought better of making some helpful suggestions like laundry, vaccuuming ... I'm kidding of course.
Truthfully, I spent a few summers as a babysitter. It was pretty fun - and a lot of work. And, I usually did try to keep the house clean, do the dishes, etc. etc. But, I forgot about all of that - and I forgot how wonderful it is to have someone help with all of that.
It's really too bad I love daycare so much because I could totally go for having a nanny who kept the house kind of clean, ran the dishwasher, started dinner. My life would be so much easier.


SpeakEasy said...

WOW. That is a great idea. We could use a sitter to look after our son on evenings and weekends since we don't really have family that is all that available / helpful. I think it's time to starts looking.

Ginny said...

You know, the nanny daycare route sure has it's perks and I can see why many people choose it. It's just not for us but you know, I would love a babysitter every now and then! *sigh*
Glad to hear that Matty Matt is having a blast!
Miss you guys. When is your life going to be normal again? LOL