Friday, July 28, 2006

The Ups and Downs

This month has been, by far, one of the craziest on record for me. At least one of the craziest since having Matt - where I have tried to be relatively stable, sane and consistent.
But, we knew that this month would bring sheer insanity to our lives, and it truly has.
A rundown of these past 4 weeks are:
Week 1) Family trip to Vermont
Week 2) Laural away for work
Week 3) Daycare closed, living with Grandma and Grandpa in Oakville while simoultaneously taping a television show in Toronto (current week)
Week 4) Daycare still closed, living at Grandma and Grandpa's house while they are on vacation and Matt is being taken care of by a babysitter, more show taping, etc.
Add to this that we are trying to live on a cash budget (don't get me started) and we are trying to not fight, and make it to work on time every day.
It's a little crazy.
But, that's not what this is about.
This is about my monkey. Because he is in the middle of the upheaval. And, he is doing great. Last night Mike said to me that he wishes he could be as strong as our two-year old. And, he's right.
While we are stressing about everything, Matthew just takes things a day at a time. His time with Grandpa has been an adventure. Together they have built a set of steps in the backyard (Matt truly helped by handing my dad nails and stuff), going to playgrounds, having ice cream, etc. He's stayed with a friend of the family, with my sister and with my parents.
And throughout it all he's been happy and smiling and excited to tell us about his day. And, in the last few weeks he has started talking a lot more. Like, he can express himself in full sentences, and he jokes about stuff. It's hilarious.
And then there was last night. He and I went to bed at the same time - 9:30. Mike had been lying down with him and then I got myself ready and came to join them. We all laid there quietly, listening to Matt's tape. And, then Matt reached over, gave me a big hug and patted me on the back. It was a moment to cherish.
I love that child.


Michael said...

What a beautiful memory to cherish. I can only imagine what kinds of great things the future will hold for us as a family. The next few weeks will take us through hell and back, but remember, what doesn't kill us can only make us stronger.

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